Back for a Spell

Well. This new look is a little garish. Good thing I like garish.

Since my last update, I've burned out and dropped out of life. Suddenly started having health problems, most of which were brought on by (and all of which were intensified by) the ridiculous amount of stress I had cultivated in my life.

No more.

I dropped out. Quit teaching mid-semester. Quit communicating at all with people for a while. And I've long quit tech-writing.

These days, I write poetry and hang out with my daughter and watch our monthly bills grow.

I've started a new business, though--one that won't own me. and hopefully one that will help shrink the bills a bit. If you'd like to support it, make your way over to my Beachbody site and buy something. I get a kickback on anything you purchase. In return, you get to transform your body and your life (if you willing to commit to it). Not a bad deal, IMO.

I voted last week. What scares me a little is how confident one side is that Obama will win, and how confident the other side is that Romney will win.

There. That's my political commentary for the four-year period.

And this is my first blog post in forever.


Karen Somers said…
Well, I just happened to click over to your blog....I still try to check in on it every so often. I'm glad you here! And glad you are reducing stress - I pray your plan to find a better way works. I pray fervently, and I hope the same kind of thing for myself one of these days, because I'm still stuck in the stress-grinder. Best wishes to you and your family!
eArThworm said…
Well. Welcome back Miz Tie-Dye. SO sorry life went to hell in a handbasket. :-( But no wonder...with a youngster AND all the other stuff. Hope thing$ get MUCHO better. HUGS!!!
B said…
Great to hear from you again, and hope that this new path is one that works better for you guys! I know how difficult it can be to balance the need to work with the need to not work for the sake of your mental and physical health!
Crawdaddy79 said…
Holy cow - an update! I find it hard to believe it's been over a month since I last checked up on this blog, but there it is in text. I hope you're still relaxing. I glanced at your FB page and even gave it a Like, even though I didn't look at it long enough to tell if I really liked it or not. I'll be going back to it now that I know it's a bit more involved. :blush:

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