Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Toddler Notes

Scribbling these down electronically so I won't forget them, ever ...

- Anne loves parmesan cheese. She calls it "Paw Paw cheese."

- Every night, she and I snuggle up in our new oversized armchair and read. When she's ready for her reading session, she comes to me and says, "Mommy, book-a-couch?" If she wants to read in bed later, she says, "book-a-bed?"

- Like clockwork, she started over-using the words "no" and "mine" on her second birthday. Weird.

- "Mommy stay." That's what she says whenever I tell her I have to leave for work. Breaks my heart.

- "Mommy, no puter!" That's what she says whenever I take out my laptop. I'm taking the hint and trying not to do computer work when I could be playing with her.

- "No bath." "No brush teeth." "No water." "No food." It's as if she's decided to insert "no" in front of every word in her vocabulary. (Every word except "chocolate cake.")

- Last night, she was working on some puzzles she'd gotten for her birthday. They are a little advanced for her, and she was having some trouble figuring them out. She'd get a couple of pieces, and then she'd get stumped. "Can you find the piece with the monkey on it?" I would ask helpfully. She would think a minute, and then turn and pick up a different puzzle. "Maybe here?" "Maybe this one?" (I think this was her way of subtly hinting that she wanted to do a different puzzle.)

- Her most requested food is chocolate cake. Her most requested drink is orange juice. She is definitely her mother's child. I probably got her addicted to OJ while she was in the womb because I drank gallons of it throughout my pregnancy.

- This morning, she wanted to bring her blanket downstairs. Since I didn't want her tripping over the blanket on the steps, I offered to help her carry it. "Okay," she agreed, and held up a corner of the blanket. "I carry this part." Dan and I just looked at each other. I'm not sure why that seems more advanced than all the other sentences she's uttered so far, but it does.

- She's moved up to the two-year-old class at preschool. She's now tinier and younger than all her classmates. She seems to be doing pretty well, though. Intellectually, it's a better fit for her. (Is it proper to use the word "intellectually" when referring to a two-year-old's mind?)

That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure I'll write more later.

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