Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Cuteness

Anne loves Kleenex, or “tissue,” as she calls it. She went through about 30 of them last night. “I blow my nose,” she would say, and then she’d blow her nose (mostly just air) into the tissue. Then she would hold the tissue to my nose and say, “Mommy blow.” I would pretend to blow my nose. And then she would do the same with Dan: “Daddy blow.”

Once we had all “blown our noses,” she would wad the tissue up and say, “Garbage.” And then: “Anudder one.” So we’d repeat the process with the next tissue.

(Funny, in my former life, I would have thought such an activity was boring and a little gross. But it wasn’t boring at all (Dan and I were laughing so hard we cried), and it wasn't really gross because there were no boogers involved.)


We’re trying to teach Anne how to scratch our backs, since she’s the only member of our family who doesn’t have a nail-biting problem. She’s starting to learn. “I scratch Mommy back,” she’ll say, and then she’ll scratch it for about three seconds. “Enough,” she pronounces, and then, “Now Daddy back.” So she’ll scratch his for two seconds, then say, “Enough.” And then, “Scratch Anne.” So Dan and I will scratch her back.

Then we’re back to “I scratch Mommy back.”


Speaking of backs, she has discovered the pleasure of riding piggyback on Mommy. I’ll typically gallop around the house with her on my back, singing “Ella Monk, Ella Monk, Ella Monk Monk Monk” to the tune of the William Tell Overture. (Ella Monk is Anne’s three-year-old cousin.) If I stop singing for more than a few seconds, she’ll pat my shoulder and say, “Ella Monk, Ella Monk!”

Last night while I was making dinner, she said, “Ride Mommy back,” so I let her climb on my back. Since I was doing whatever in the kitchen, I didn’t gallop around the room or anything like that. After a minute, she started hitting my shoulder and saying, “Ella Monk, Mommy! Ella Monk!”


She crawls on me and kisses me and hugs me and says, “I love you, Mommy.” There is nothing like it.


She’s started speaking in grammatically correct, complete sentences. My little girl is growing up.

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B said...

So precious! Isn't it adorable to see them mimic our adult behaviors (like blowing noses and scratching backs)?! Love this stage!

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