Her Constant Companions

Anne set up her four best friends in the glider-rocker for our book-reading session this morning: (L to R) Froggie, Elmo, Monkey, and Froggie, a.k.a. "Other."

("Monkey" is actually a Brutus Buckeye golf-head cover. But Anne doesn't know that, so we won't tell her.)


Rene' said…
How cute!! Jack recently found his Mickey Mouse and has been showing him some love. He calls him Mouse. :)
Jammie J. said…
Love how she bookended Elmo and Monkey with the frogs. :)
Susan said…
I couldn't see the pic. but i loved the last comment ...about the monkey! I'm a Michigan fan so I love to see the "buckeye" put to good undercover use. I had my last baby at 44. Definitely a different way to mom than when younger!

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