Cute Things to Remember

I'm writing these down now because I keep forgetting to write them down, and I don't want to forget them. Ever.


Miss Anne got so upset because I wouldn't let her drive the van home after I picked her up one afternoon. I think my mistake was in letting her sit in the driver's seat before we left, marveling at her cuteness as she pretended to turn the wheel and hummed "vroom, vroom." But then it came time to put her in the car seat, and she protested.

Boy, did she protest, and back-archingly so (similar to this).

I finally got her into the car seat and we started home. The entire way, she bawled, "I drive! I drive! I DRIVE!" (Actually, "I dwive! I dwive! I DWIVE!")

Really, it was adorable. And heart-wrenchingly pitiful. When we got home, I let her drive her Cozy Coupe. She was somewhat, though not totally, satisfied with that.

I didn't think I'd have to deal with these kinds of struggles for another fifteen or so years.


Anne loves lotion. She loves to put it on her toes, her knees, her hands, and her Daddy.

When we're doing lotion at night, she'll yell, "Daddy! Daddy!" And Daddy comes in from whatever he's doing so she can rub lotion on his hands. By "rub," I mean put a dot of lotion on his hand and spread it a bit with one tiny finger. And then repeat with another dot of lotion. And another. And then sometimes she'll say "Toes!" which means she wants to put lotion on his toes. One dot of lotion per toe. So he complies because he's a good daddy.

But he'd better not dare try to dispense the lotion into her hand so she can put it on him. Lotion-dispensing is Mommy's job. It's always Mommy's job.

While she's applying lotion to her Daddy's hands and feet, she counts his fingers and toes. So cute. So stinking cute.


Her favorite phrase these days is "I try." Or, to be more phonetically accurate, "I twy." She wants to do everything herself, including putting her diaper on and applying her diaper rash cream. And she gets vehement: "I twy! I twy! I twy! I TWY!!"

So we let her twy. Most things, at least. Not driving or applying butt paste, though.


Ahh. There, I wrote it all down. And here's a somewhat recent picture for everyone:

Yes, she is still the spitting image of her daddy.


lifeinlimits said…
Oh, I *SO* wish we could get our little ones together. Although, Anne sounds so much more polite! Mine says, "I DUTE!" I DUTE!!!!!" (She runs words together a lot - "I do it!!!") at the top of her lungs.

I love that you're able to get all the memories written down . . . that's the only way I remember things as well. :) My pregnancy brain never went away, I'm afraid. ;)
Jammie J. said…
Love this... it makes me smile. :)

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