Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms

One thing I have always wanted: a house with hidden doors and secret rooms. Or at least a house that looked like it had hidden doors and secret rooms.

I mean, who wouldn't want a wardrobe that opened into Narnia? Or at least a bookcase that opened into a study?

Yeah, I was drooling over this post on 10 Coolest Hidden Doors and Secret Passageways.

HT: Mental Floss Blog


  1. What fun! But if I had a hidden staircase in my bedroom, I think I'd hide more than an antique bed and mummy case in it. I think mine would a reading room. Or an insomnia room (black out!!!).

  2. Yes, I thought a mummy case was kind of weird. Mine would definitely be a reading room ... or a writing room ... or a soundproof piano-practicing room ...