Decluttering III: Our Neat House

It isn't that neat, but it's better.

My apologies for the weird coloring in some of the pictures. For some reason, our flash wouldn't work for a couple of hours.

For comparison pics, click here.

Here's our kitchen counter:

We use the bread machine several times a month, but not enough to justify having it take up half the far counter space. So it, and the food processor (which I use once every few months, maybe), are in a storage bin in the bottom of my closet. We decided that I use the mixer enough to keep it out.

This table was in a "nook" in the living room previously. It was where I would do my writing. Since I've been too busy and/or exhausted to do any writing of late, we decided to move the table back into the kitchen. We threw a cute $2 tablecloth from Big Lots over it, and voila! We now have a spot to eat breakfast.

Here's the ugly dresser, all cleaned off:

My bedside table is a little better, though it could still use some work:

This is Rabbit Pig:

I have a story about Rabbit Pig that I'll share with you some other day. We found him in the decluttering process, and I tossed him onto the bed because I didn't know what else to do with him. (He had a brief stint in the "Goodwill" bag, but I took him out. I can't get rid of Rabbit Pig. Ever. So Rabbit Pig is now the centerpiece of our otherwise ugly bed.)

(We bought the ugly bed at a liquidation sale in 2006. We were suffering from several years of poor sleep on an old double bed. We were desperate, so we bought the bedroom suite I hated the least. I learned a lesson: No matter how desperate you are, never buy "permanent" type furniture out of desperation. And if you have to say, "Well, this one is the least ugly of what's available," then you probably shouldn't buy it.)

Here's my dresser again, all cleared off. The bookcase is still there:

Now we're downstairs in the "office" section of the finished basement. Believe it or not, I got rid of about 40 books. I know ... 40 isn't a lot. But it's a start. We still need to get rid of the jumperoos and walker. All the other junk from the previous picture is gone, mostly to Dan's Rotary Club for their big yard sale later this spring.

We decided to move the treadmill to the "office" section. So I guess it's an "office/gym" section now, particularly since the ball and my handweights are right there with the treadmill.

So, that's today's decluttering post. I've been working, with some success, on decluttering my mind. More on that later.


The dB family said…
I am impressed! We too have a book problem. I keep thinking I need to go through the shelves again, but I just did it last May/June, so am I really going to be wanting to get rid of many more? The problem is, we keep buying more :OS. I guess there's far worse addictions :o).

Our kitchen layout is almost the exact same as yours. Initially I thought I WAS looking at my kitchen. Your have much nicer cupboards though.

Just a thought, but you could paint your bedroom set. (If you can find the time). You might like it better then.

Blessings to you!
emily wierenga said…
it feels so good, the clean of house, no? as if our lives have somehow been tidied up as well. thank you so much for stopping by my place yesterday so i could find you here. i hope you'll join me for 'imperfect prose on thursdays.' blessings, e.
B said…
Holy mother! You did a GREAT job! Like, seriously, bravo! I bet it feels great. I also tend towards the decluttering of the house to go along with the need to declutter my mind - it never fails, either!
Carrie said…
Can you paint or stain or cover somehow the furniture that you think is ugly?
lifeinlimits said…
This looks great! You crack me up about your bedroom furniture! :) Never buy furniture when you're desperate. Got it. Never buy something just because it's the *least* ugly. Got it. LOL! I have been there . . . that's why it's so funny. ;)
Rene said…
Looks GREAT!! And I don't think the bedside table needs any work at all. You can't have every corner completely clear of everything. I think it all looks wonderful!

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