Toddler Tuesday

I'd hoped to write something this morning, but I slept like the dead until 8:00. So here I am, posting a few quick thoughts during my lunch hour.

Miss Anne turned 15 months old last Saturday.

She has learned to blow kisses. She repeats everything we say (or tries to). She's become very cranky at night, so we think she might be teething again.

She seems to be trying to potty-train herself. Heaven help us.

Last night, I was holding her near the fruit basket, so I asked her if she could point to a banana, and then an apple, and then an orange. And she knew them all! This isn't something I've taught her. Maybe she learned it at Angela's. Maybe she just picked it up. Either way, I was surprised.

Her favorite foods these days are broccoli, cold cuts (which I give her sparingly because of the sodium), and ... yes, Ritz crackers. Anne apparently did not inherit my sweet tooth; she'll turn down a cookie in favor of a Ritz or Goldfish cracker any day. And she prefers vegetables and meat (salmon! beef! pork! chicken! turkey!) to fruit.

Is this really my child?

She's learned to run, and she loves to climb. She's now more interested in walking (rather than climbing) up and down the steps, but her legs or so short that we need to hold her hands. That's fine with her. She likes taking the big steps.

She also loves to climb onto her rocking chair and rock, rock, rock. Sometimes she lets me sit in front of the chair and push it to rock her. The other day I watched her do the same thing with a teddy bear.

We got out the Mardi Gras beads a couple of weeks ago, and she can't get enough of bead-wearing.

She's such a sweet girl. I love her so much.

This kind of a disjointed little report, but it's lunch and Miss Boo is waking up and it's time to nurse. (Yes, we're still nursing.)

Oh, speaking of "boo," she likes to hide behind the shower curtain. When she peeks out at me, she says, "Boo." Not "Boo!" Just "Boo." With a period. It's the cutest, sweetest thing ever.


B said…
Awww, that is super sweet and cute!!!

Ava and I are still nursing also - congrats on making it so far! Such an accomplishment!

I love hearing what Miss Anne is up to!!!
The dB family said…
Awww, the little darlin'! I too love hearing what Anne is up to. Good for you for still nursing. I was able to nurse the last two to somewhere between fourteen and fifteen months. I'm glad I did.


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