Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Mommy Is Sick

We're not sure what's wrong with her, only that she had to be rushed to the hospital in Asheville an hour or so ago. The doctors aren't sure what's causing her pain, but they're trying to find that out, and hopefully we'll know more later tonight.

Those of you who pray, please keep my mom in your prayers. She's been in a lot of pain. One thing we do know is that she needs gallbladder surgery; however, she can't get the surgery until they find the source of her other pain.

I love my mom. :-(

3/18 Update: My mom has had a rough week. She's scheduled to have gallbladder surgery early this afternoon. I've haven't have much time for personal e-mails this week, so I apologize for not responding to those of you who e-mailed me asking about my mom. I'll post an update later to let you know how she's doing. We appreciate your prayers.

3/19 Update: The gallbladder surgery went well. We are thankful that they were able to do the surgery laproscopically, which is an easier surgery with a shorter recovery time than traditional surgery. She is in a lot of pain at this point. If you pray, please pray that she has a smooth recovery and that the pain remains under control ... and soon is a thing of the past.

3/20 Update: My mom was discharged from the hospital late this afternoon. Yay! She's home resting and recovering. Thank you for your prayers.


Rene said...

Your mom will definitely be in my thoughts. I hope they figure out the cause of her pain quickly and are able to do her surgery. Let us know how she's doing.

Sherry said...

My fervent prayers are with her.

The dB family said...

Oh, Nina! Know that I will be lifting her up in prayer. Lifting you up too!


Kim said...

I'm definitely praying, Nina.

eArThworm said...

SO glad she got through it OK. I know she's relieved to be home. Love y'all.

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