Happy Belated Birthday, Bach!

Yesterday was J.S. Bach's birthday. I was so busy all day that I completely forgot about it until late last night.

To celebrate, I'll listen to you-know-who all day. It's been a while since I've done that.

Anne, by the way, has learned to say "Bach."

Apologies for the poor picture quality. I have a cheap cell phone.
She likes to flip through the Inventions book when she's "playing" the piano. It looks like she's trying to find just the right piece to play.


lifeinlimits said…
AHHHH! This is too cute! I can't believe she is saying "Bach." Smart girl! I remember when my oldest was really small, she learned how to hum The Blue Danube. :) I think she learned it from Baby Einstein or Little Einsteins or something. Have you ever watched Little Einsteins?! When Anne is a little older, you should check it out, I think you'd like it. They feature a composer, an artist and a classical piece in each show . . . they're so great!
The dB family said…
She says Bach!?!? Even if she's not playing the piano yet, saying Bach already is an accomplishment in itself. Who knows, she just might be playing the piano soon too :o).


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