Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Decluttering II: The Mess

I could sit here and write that the state of my house is not reflective of the state of my mind, but that would be a lie.

I'd love to say I'm one of those absent-minded professor types whose surroundings are a mess, but who knows just where everything is.

Yes, I'm one of those absent-minded professor types, but I rarely have any idea where my keys are. Or the book I'm reading. Sometimes I even misplace my dinner, only to find it in some weird place, like on top of the bookcase.

Here are some "before" pictures. Life has not gone as planned these past few days, so there are no "after" pics yet.

And if someone gives me that old "Don't-be-such-a-perfectionist-because-now-that-you're-a-mom-your-house-isn't-going-to-look-like-House-Beautiful-and-you'll-just-have-to-learn-to-live-with-a-bit-of-mess" line, I'm going to throw a dirty sock at them. I'm sure that, at any given time and any given place in my house, a dirty sock is within arm's reach.

Bookcases and random baby stuff that needs to be put away (or given away)

More bookcases and random baby stuff.
Anyone need a jumperoo ... or two?

Stacks of books on every surface ...

.... along with random folders and baking soda boxes

Grad school notes (top shelf), old yearbooks and photo albums
(bottom shelf), and doubled-up journals dating back to the 1980s

The pool table. Our house came with it. Obviously, we don't play pool.

This is kind of a neat stack. These cassette holders are now empty.
They were full last week when we started purging.

The book-and-album shelves don't look too bad.
Other than the shelves themselves being ugly and cheap.

On to the bedroom ... this is the top of my dresser.

My bedside table. Sometimes I wish I could see the clock from my
bed, but I can't. It's hidden behind stuff.

The floor next to my dresser. Leftovers from this past weekend,
when we went to visit my parents. (The books on the bookcase all used
to be on my tiny bedside table. I finally put a bookcase in there so I
could clear off the bedside table. Lotta good that did, huh?)

The top of my bed. No, there is no underwear in this picture.
(I had to look closely to make sure, though!)

Now for the kitchen. This counter isn't that messy. It's just cluttered.
I had more pictures, but I started to get depressed. You might have noticed that some of the bookcases are missing books. I've removed about 60 of them and am giving a lot of them away to friends. Here's a big stack from my religion/theology collection that I've decided to part with:

It hurt to get rid of some of these.
I sincerely hope to have some "after" pictures soon. Or at least an "after" to photograph! Stay "tuned."


lifeinlimits said...

you will get there, my friend!!!! you aren't kidding about all those books! wow! and i loved that you had to make sure there was no underwear in the picture. LOL! love it. :)

B said...

Good luck!!!! I love how I feel when I declutter - it definitely does my mind a world of good!

Jammie J. said...

Keep your chin up. It may seem like you're not making progress, but you are. I love how you're keeping it real. :)

Nina said...

lifeinlimits, I had to *not* post one picture because of certain bits of clothing peeking out from a half-open dresser drawer. Oops! :-)

B, thanks! Yes, I think that decluttering my house will help declutter my mind. If not, I'm a hopeless case.

Poor Jammie ... I know how organized you are. These pictures must have been painful for you to see!

Sherry said...

At least everything is clean!

The dB family said...

Bahaha my bedside table is in the exact same state. Truth is when I wake up for the third time in the night for no reason, I am happy that I don't know what time it is! I love your bedspread! Sooo pretty!


Marla Taviano said...

Wow. I LOVE that you're de-cluttering all of this! What a task! But I can taste your freedom!!

Nina said...

Sherry: Uh, mostly!

Deborah: LOL!

Marla: Yes, freedom!

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