Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toddler Tuesday

Somehow, miraculously, Anne seems to be a happy, well-adjusted little toddler, despite all the time away from her mom, and despite her mommy being so exhausted after work that our "quality time" is of questionable quality.

It's been a rough week for me, but Miss Anne is her cheerful, curious self, toddling away, reading and learning and amazing us with her capacity to understand things.

The big milestone for this past week was the nose-blow. Yes, she blew her nose. She really hates the suction-bulb, so I guess she figured she'd better learn to blow or else have her nose suctioned for the rest of her life.

The first few times, we held the tissue to her nose and said, "Blow your nose, Li'l Boo." Now she goes over to the tissue box, gets her own tissue, and wipes and blows her own nose. She still needs a bit more dexterity in her fingers to do this well, but I'm proud of her all the same.

Now, if only she would change her own diapers ...

She actually got to see a "Potty-Training Boot Camp" in action this past weekend when we went to visit Megan (my sister) and Ella (her daughter, and Anne's cousin) in Brevard. They were at a friend's house, and Ella and Marlee (who is Ella's age, almost two and a half) were going through PTBC together.

Long story short--Anne got to see lots of potty-going that day. Since then, she's crawled into her own potty several times a day. (Yes, you read that right. She's less interested in sitting on the potty than she is in putting her feet in the bowl and sitting in it.) (I am talking about the baby potty, not the grown-up potty ... just in case you were wondering.)

We've sat her on it a few times, just to see if she would leave a "gift" in there, which would of course prompt us to clap and cheer and encourage her to make a habit of using the potty, but she hasn't done anything yet. We're not planning to start potty training anytime soon, but if she decides she wants to start using the potty ... who are we to argue?

Anne continues to be a bookworm. We read for an hour or so every night. After each book, I lower her to the floor and she picks out another book. Then I put her onto my lap and we read some more. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Last night, Dan and I read her Doggies, by Sandra Boynton. It's a really funny book, where most of the "words" are actually dog sounds, like "Arf arf arf," "Yap yap," and "Grrr!" So Dan and I were taking turns making the dog noises, when, out of nowhere, Anne let out a big "Woof!" of her very own.

Our daughter can bark. I'm so proud.

She's also begun to use some of the sign language we used with her ages ago (as in, six months ago). We haven't done any sign language since then, but I guess the signs were planted like seeds in her brain and eventually grew to fruition. She's suddenly doing the "all done" sign when she's full and the "hungry" sign when she's hungry. Go figure.

I don't have any pictures for today, but you can scroll down to yesterday's post to see one from Saturday's PTBC. We also have some adorable pictures of her sitting in the baby potty last night before her bath, but those aren't going to make it to the Internet. Sorry.

My sister did post a few pictures from the weekend; you can find them here.


lifeinlimits said...

I SO hope your week gets better! And YET, you ran 6 MILES!!!! You are Superwoman. :)

B said...

Ava indulges in the baby potty as well, and I'm all for it! The sooner, the better I say!

Go Miss Anne blowing your nose and signing and barking! So sweet! I love this age.

Allison Horton said...

That nose blowing thing is hard to teach, great job! "Our daughter can bark. I'm so proud." LOL!

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