Toddler Tuesday

Lately I’ve been feeling more angsty than usual about missing my sweet girl on weekdays. We’re working long hours these days (as we always do at this time of year), and there are some days where I see Miss Anne for only three hours. It just makes me sick to think that I’m not raising her, and that she’s spending the majority of her days with someone else. While I’m very happy with the woman who watches her all day, I’m well aware that this is not the ideal situation. Ideally, I would be at home with Anne.

I’m not even what I think of as the traditional “stay-at-home-mom” (SAHM) type. But it just seems so wrong that I’m not functioning as the primary caregiver in my own daughter’s life.

“But you’re doing this for her,” a well-meaning SAHM told me.

Uh, no. I’m doing this because our pre-baby bills were perfectly affordable as long as we both worked. But, unless one of our two houses sells (that’s right, our first house still hasn’t sold, and it’s been on and off the market for two and a half years) or we win the lottery (which we probably won’t, since we don’t buy lottery tickets), I need to continue my full-time job.

Ah, well. I do like my job, and I’m glad to have it. I love the people I work with, and I often love the work itself. Things could be much, much worse. But I feel like a part of me, and maybe a part of Anne, is atrophyingor just not developing rightbecause we get so little time together.

But enough of me and my angst. It’s Toddler Tuesday, so I’ll talk about that sweet toddler of mine.

Anne is now 13 and a half months old. She's too big for her infant car seat, but she's only 17 and a half pounds, so we have her in a rear-facing toddler car seat. I’m kind of glad she’s so small—it’s still easy to carry her with one arm if I need to. It’s pretty funny, though, to see her walking (and even running!) as well as she does, since she looks more like a nine-month-old than a thirteen-month-old!

At the playground

This weekend, Anne and I met my sister and my niece, Ella, at the park in a town halfway between our two towns. We had a great time! The weather was sunny and in the sixties—a perfect day. The ground was wet, and there was still some snow here and there, but we didn’t let that bother us.

Crawling through the tunnel

Looking in the mirror with her cousin, Ella

Anne loves to swing!

One night last week, we were reading her favorite Mother Goose book. When we got to the “Pat-a-Cake” page, she began clapping, and then she started rolling her hands like we do in “Pat-a-Cake.” I sat there gaping. When did she learn to do this? We’d done “Pat-a-Cake” a few times, a few weeks before, but hadn’t done it since. (She turns the pages of the book, so some pages get skipped every time, and “Pat-a-Cake” was one that got skipped a lot.)

“Very good, Anne!” I exclaimed, and she just grinned. She knew she’d done something impressive!

One sweet thing—whenever we’re reading, sometimes she’ll turn and look up at me and just smile. Then she’ll look back down at the book. I love that smile. It like she’s saying, “Isn’t this fun, Mommy?”

She’s also begun giving me knee-hugs. I love knee-hugs more than anything. She runs to me, wraps her arms around my knees, and just holds on. Knee-hugs are the greatest thing in the world.

Several of my December 2009 mom-friends have been posting about the tantrums their thirteen-month-olds are beginning to have. Anne hadn’t thrown any full-fledged tantrums ... yet. She has had a few unwarranted crying fits, though, and always when one of two things happens: I take away her book (if it’s time to bathe, or put her coat on, or something like that), or I take away her toothbrush. Yes, her toothbrush. Next to reading, her favorite activity is brushing her teeth.

I could go on ... and on. I’m so in love with this child. Here’s a picture of the two of us, from a couple of weeks ago:

Nina, Anne, and Froggy

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


lifeinlimits said…
Oh, I just love these Toddler Tuesdays. I know I've said this before, but Anne is just too cute. And I think she may just have a friend. We have a certain little girl who gets *super* excited to brush her teeth as well. :)

I am praying for peace in the time away. And maybe for that house to sell too? :)
Anya said…
two of my favorite things... 1) piano 2) baby girls and their mommies!
i love reading your blog!
The dB family said…
Nina, she is sooo sweet!! I love reading what Anne is up to on your Toddler Tuesday posts. What is it with little ones and toothbrushes? I had one here that would have chewed on hers all day if I had let her.


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