Multitude Monday #11

Feeling angry and bitter and hate-filled today. Ah, lovely. Definitely not in a state of mind for feeling gratitude. I feel more like writing a list of gripes.

It seems like time has been my enemy these past few days; I've consistently been 15 to 30 minutes behind on everything. We were late for Dan's work banquet Saturday night, late getting to the babysitter's, late visiting my sister, late visiting my brother, late to Deborah's, and then late to church yesterday. I can't stop feeling behind--on work, e-mails, responsibilities in general. I just got back from lunch, which I spent frantically running errands and making a too-long list of the things I still need to do today. I meant to go home to see if I have fever (I feel kind of like I do), but I ran out of time. So here I am.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here are a few things from this past week that I felt thankful for:

173. my health--I am blessedly healthy for an almost-41-year-old

174. a husband who continues to be patient with me. If I were he, my patience with my insufferable wife would have run out long ago.

175. long roads for long runs

176. Anne's first efforts at blowing her own nose

177. half a dozen small bags, full of clothes she's outgrown

178. a closet no longer stuffed full of clothes she's outgrown!

179. finger paints

180. - how did our mothers and grandmothers plan meals and shopping lists without online recipe sites?

181. being able to visit with both my brother and my sister in the same day

182. cars that work

183. friends who babysit

184. a game of hide-and-seek between one-year-olds (in the church sanctuary, no less)

185. the end of football season

186. a friend with whom I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not

187. an impromptu visit with Cousin Ella

Ella and Anne, Saturday afternoon

188. Chopin's Op. 10, No. 1 Nocturne in B-flat minor

189. a visit with Deborah, who was my piano teacher before I had to quit in 2008

190. time to write this list

Hope everyone has a good week, and enough time for what's important.

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lifeinlimits said…
Aw, Nina. I hope you feel better!!!!
Your #185, I think? Cracked me up. Ah, yes, the end of sports seasons. ;)

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