Why I Removed My Last Post

The gears clicked in my head all morning, and part of the afternoon, yesterday. I was excited about writing my post for Your Secret Name. For whatever reason, this whole bloggy read-a-chapter-or-two-and-then-write-about-what-you-read thing excites me. Perhaps that's because I rarely find people who are reading the same books I am, and I've often wished I there were folks I could discuss my reading with.

So, I wrote out a post over my late lunch hour, tweaked it a bit, and put it out there.

And felt kind of sick. For several reasons. The main one being that I wrote about something from my past that I realized I'm not comfortable sharing here.

The post was up there for about six hours, and I got a couple of very nice, supportive comments, which I appreciated.

But, in the end, I decided to remove the post. It wasn't fair to my family, my daughter, or anyone else who was involved at that phase of my life, for me to keep it up there.

My apologies to those of you who got a "File Not Found" message when clicking the link at Marla's blog.


The dB family said…
I wondered where it went :o). I understand your decision though. I still think it was very well written.

Fiona said…
I didn't see the post you removed but was actually going through my email box and there was your comment on my post about my hearing aid and playing the piano, back in Sept 2009. So I am visiting your blogs again. Strangely enough I have been following Marla's read-along too, although not actually reading the book (I read Radical at the time of her last read-along). What a small world blogworld is!
All the best!
btw I kept the hearing aid after all, and am still happily wearing it now!

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