Toddler Tuesday

Welcome back to Toddler Tuesday! For my friends and family (and any of you readers that I don't have the pleasure of knowing personally), I'm taking one post a week to write about my active little one-year-old bundle of energy.

Last week, I mentioned some concerns about allergies. The doctor hadn't seemed concerned, and I disappointed myself with a response of, "Yes, doctor. Whatever you say, doctor." Well, I didn't actually say those words, but they sum up my response pretty well.

After Anne got yet another case of hives, though, I called the pediatrician's office and demanded an appointment ASAP. Anne's usual doctor was out of town for the week, so we saw a different doctor.

At the appointment, I showed the doctor some pictures I'd taken of Anne's hives with my cell phone. His eyes widened and he said, "We need to get this checked out. This is definitely a bad case of hives."

A half-hour later, we were at a lab at the hospital, and my Li'l Boo was having blood drawn from her arm for allergy testing. She didn't cry when she got stuck; she only started crying when she realized she would have to sit still for a few minutes.

The results took a week to determine, but now we know: Anne is highly allergic to milk and eggs. Sigh. I was allergic to milk and eggs growing up. The biggest difficulty of this twin allergy is that you're pretty much allergic to breakfast: no scrambled eggs, no omelets, no French toast, no pancakes, no milk in oatmeal or cereal, etc.

Oh, and she's allergic to soy, too. So she'll be on calcium- and Vitamin D-fortified rice milk. Which is fine, since that's what I use anyway.

So, there, you dumb old doctor who didn't think Anne was really allergic to anything.

Some other developments of the past week:

- Anne's cousin Frankie visited from Miami this weekend. Frankie is 21 and in the Navy. (When your parents wait until they're elderly to have you, you typically get cousins old enough to be your parents.) Anne loves Frankie. There aren't many people, outside of her parents and sitter, that she'll willingly go to, but Frankie is one of them. It was so cute seeing her affection for him.

- Anne has begun to play hide-and-seek. I didn't teach her this game. She just goes into the next room and I say, "Anne? Where's Anne? Has anyone seen Anne?" And she peeks around the wall. All I can see is her little sideways head and her big grin. Once she realizes she's been "found," she runs to me and hugs me. Then she goes and hides again. It is so cute.

- We retired the bottle last week. This made me kind of sad. It just one more step away from her being my little baby. She's not crazy about drinking milk from a sippy cup, but she's dealing with it. We're still nursing every morning, evening, and night, and I'm still pumping two or three times a day. It looks like we're going to keep up with this for a few more weeks, at the very least.

- She's eating a lot more solid food. She loves meat. Red meat, to be specific. We had spaghetti with meat sauce last week, and she had a feast.

That's it for Toddler Tuesday. I don't have any recent pictures for this week, so I'll share a cute one from several months ago. Here she is holding "Froggie," her constant companion and best friend.

Anne (at 10 months old) and Froggie


The dB family said…
Ohhhh, she is a CUTIE!! Love the part about her 21yo cousin. Too funny!

Squirt had hives (two summers ago) off and on for six weeks straight. We took her to the emergency room first and then after a few days when they had still not gone away, we went and saw our family doctor. He said to give it another week and sure enough, they were finally gone. He said they were from a virus she had had earlier in the summer. I guess he was right because she never did get them again after that. I'm so glad you were able to have a doctor who wanted to look further into Anne's hives and that now you know. Knowing really is half the battle.

Bummer about the eggs and milk allergy. Elizabeth is just allergic to milk. I have a good recipe for cake and frosting that is dairy, wheat, egg and soy free, so if you want it, let me know.
B said…
I LOVE that picture of Anne! Too precious - she's getting more and more beautiful!

Sorry to hear about Anne's allergies. As I'm sure you know since I'm always talking about it, Ava is intolerant to dairy and eggs, and while she's not truly allergic, we've had to adapt because of it. I have lots of dairy-free recipes hanging around if you'd like me to share :)

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