Toddler Tuesday

What a night we had last night. Anne was crying at around 1:45, so I got up and rocked her a bit. She kept crying, so I took her to our bed to nurse her. Long story short—she ended up projectile vomiting all over herself, me, and our bed. Somehow she managed to miss Dan. It was a little after 2:45 by the time I’d cleaned up and changed her, put her back to bed, and showered—while Dan stripped the bed, threw the sheets in the washing machine, and put new sheets on.

Parenthood has gotten easier in some ways since Anne became a toddler, but it’s gotten harder in others. I guess each stage has its challenges, and each its delights. I’m so thankful for a husband I can depend on, no matter what stage we're in. So glad he was willing to take care of the bed last night while I was washing vomit out of my hair.

In other toddler news, it looks like Miss Anne is a reader. (See yesterday's post for pictures.) She pretty much prefers her books to any of her toys. This thrilled me until I realized she also prefers the bottom drawer of my bathroom cabinet (the one where we store extra toothbrushes and an extra pack of surfboard-sized maxi-pads I got after Anne was born, but never got around to using). So, it’s good that she likes books better than toys. I don’t know if it’s so good that she likes spare toothbrushes and giant pads better than toys, or if that says something about whether she truly is a reader or not. Time will tell, I guess.

But she really does love books. We read fifteen or twenty each night. Her favorites are First the Egg, The Hidden Alphabet, and Mother Goose Remembers. First the Egg and The Hidden Alphabet, both by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, were gifts from my brother. Mother Goose Remembers, by Clare Beaton, was a gift from my mom. They’re reading it together here:

Anne turned 13 months last week. She rarely crawls anymore; she’s all about walking. And, occasionally, falling. She’s doing something like a run, too—a fast little pitter-pattering, shuffling kind of toddler-run. It’s so cute. (There. I knew I couldn’t write a “Toddler Tuesday” without including at least one instance of the word cute. And there it is.)

She’s eating pretty well. She loves meat. Loves it. I think I mentioned this previously. It doesn’t look like we have a budding vegetarian on our hands, particularly since she’s allergic to soy. I’m concerned about her getting enough calcium once she’s weaned. She doesn’t seem to be taking to fortified rice milk.

Yes, she’s still nursing. She still wants to nurse, and I’m not about to discourage her. We’re still in our pattern of mornings, evenings, and just-before-bed during the week, and more on weekends. As long as neither of us feels compelled to quit, we’re going to keep going. The only drawback at this point is having to pump twice a day. It’s inconvenient, particularly now that we’re working shifts at work. Also, since Anne’s not wanting so much breast milk (not even from a sippy cup) during the day, a lot of my pumped milk is not being used. For the first time since Anne was born, I’ve been able to store up bag after bag of my milk in the freezer. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with it all, but it’s there.

Anne continues to be a delight. I love her more every day. The downside is that it is more difficult to leave her every morning. The upside of that is some pretty sweet reunions at the end of each day. Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. And that’s the silver lining I’m focusing on for now. (How’s that for back-to-back clichés?)

I love my sweet girl!


The Dahmens said…
Hey! Happy 13 months Miss Anne!

You are absolutley right - each stage comes with its own sets of challenges and joys!

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