Toddler Tuesday

Here we are, dear readers, at yet another Toddler Tuesday. I'm actually writing this on Monday, and I hope I'll have some pictures to add before publishing this post.

The lovely Miss Anne is one day shy of thirteen months old. Thirteen months: That's the age Cousin Ella was when Anne was born. And I thought Ella was so old then! Walking and everything!

And now I have my own little walking, stair-ascending and -descending, hair-brushing, gesture-making, ball-rolling little boo.

I would take a picture of her going up the steps, but she moves so fast that I fear the picture would be little more than a blur. She's slower going down the steps, but not by much.

She's learned to "roll" a ball. It's very cute; she stands completely still, a serious look of concentration on her face, and releases her hold on the ball by miniscule degrees until it finally drops out of her hands and rolls away (usually after hitting her foot). And then she flies into action: grinning, clapping, squealing, and running after the ball so she can "roll" it all over again!

She loves to have her ears cleaned with a Q-tip. I know I'm not supposed to do this often (if at all), but I've twirled the Q-tip gently in her ears a couple of times when I thought I'd gotten water in them when rinsing her hair. Well, now she puts her finger to her ear and tilts her head to look toward the sink, where I store a plastic container of Q-tips. When I reach for a Q-tip, she squeals approvingly. Yep, she's got me trained.

I mentioned in a previous Toddler Tuesday that she's trying to brush her own hair. Well, she likes to brush Mommy's hair, too.

She also likes to put things on her head. And on my head. And on her daddy's head. The other night, we all sat in the kitchen, holding spoons and cups on our heads. Such is family life with a one-year-old.

And here's a picture for you: This is Miss Anne discovering pizza.

(Yes, I know she's allergic to milk (therefore, cheese) ... but Dan's heart was set on letting her try bona-fide square pizza from Ohio, so we let her have a little bit. (I think she would have eaten the whole slice if we'd let her!)


The dB family said…
Lol! She's at such a fun age! Enjoy!

B said…
So precious!

OK, so what's the secret to teaching them about descending stairs? A can practically race up them as well, and I'm comfortable with that when I'm behind her, but I want to try to teach her to go down them, because she's going to do it anyway, so I'd rather teach her the right way. Tips???

BTW - your hair has gotten so long!
Nina said…
B, I jut put Anne on the stairs in a position to go backwards down them and hovered over her while she tried it. I think I also "modeled" it for her first by going down them backwards myself a few times.

She's still not totally comfortable with it, and I still hover over her when she's on the stairs. But she definitely has the hang of it.

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