Not a Bad Birthday Gift!

A few months ago, I learned that Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith would be putting on a concert right here in our rural little town in western North Carolina. Now, I was seriously into Amy Grant's music back in my former life. And I cried many a tear at summer camp in 1984 and 1985, listening to Michael W. Smith's "Friends" song as I bid good-bye for the year to my dear friends Noodles and Casserole.

Anyway, back to 2011. The concert is scheduled for February 18--my birthday.

My birthday! Obviously, I was meant to go to this concert.

But then I checked the ticket prices: $50. Per ticket.

No way. No way were Dan and I going to spend $100 for a concert. I mean, I really loved Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith when I was 15, and maybe I would have spent $50 per ticket then, but now? Hmm .. no.

So I put it out of my mind and figured we'd find something else fun--and much cheaper--to do that weekend. Like sitting on the couch and reading books.

Then ... then!

Monday I got an e-mail with the subject line, "Volunteer Opportunity with Compassion International."

"Yes!" I thought. A chance to volunteer with Compassion! I was ready to hit "Reply" before I even read the e-mail.

But I decided to open the e-mail first, and ... there's going to be a Compassion table at the Amy Grant/Michael W. Smith concert! And they need people to "assist potential sponsors at the Compassion table with the sign-up process"!

Needless to say, I volunteered. Yes, I hit "Reply" before I finished reading the first paragraph. Then I went back to read the rest of the e-mail and learned that volunteers will have access to the concert, though a seat isn't guaranteed if it's sold out.

So, we'll get to go to the concert after all. For free.

Most important, I will be spending my birthday--and the birthday of my Compassion child, Consuelo, who was also born February 18--sharing Compassion with others, and maybe even finding sponsors for children who desperately need them!

Yep. I think this opportunity is a pretty good birthday gift for me, and a pretty good way to celebrate my 41st birthday--and Consuelo's 11th. Don't you?


Carrie said…
That's so cool!!! I also got a ticket for my birthday (Jan 18). I've loved Amy since I was in middle school probably. We'll say hi to you at the table :-) You must be special to have gotten that email :-) hehe
Nina said…
Hmm, I wonder why you didn't get the e-mail. I figured it went to all Compassion sponsors in the area. Or maybe I checked a box somewhere saying I'd like to be contacted for area Compassion initiatives. I don't know.

Anyway, I'm so glad you're going to the concert! See you there!
The dB family said…
Nina, this is AWESOME!! What a great way to celebrate a birthday!!


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