My Word for 2011: Restore

The light there isn't so good, but the pub/coffee shop is slightly musty smelling and not crowded a perfect spot for writing. So I've begun going there a couple times a week during my lunch hour, not to eat but to write.

And today, while there, I realized I'm almost to the end of my latest notebook. The notebook feels light and fat, the pages worn, with smudgy edges.

It's taken awhile this time, to get through this notebook.

Journaling, I can usually fill a 100-page college-ruled notebook, cover to cover, not using the faint pink margins, in just over two months. This one took me almost six.

The last one took close to a year. I'm getting better. Getting back into my lifelong habit that eventually resulted in this little collection of almost 30 years of my innermost thoughts:

In the past couple of weeks, a handful of bloggers I follow (see links at the end of this post) have been writing about having a single word for 2011. This word is their theme, or their guide, keeping them in touch with what they deem, in that hopefulness of late December, is going to be important in the year ahead.

I was not going to jump on that bandwagon. A word for 2011, or for any year? While I appreciated what other bloggers were writing about their year-words, and even admired them for it, I didn't feel compelled to follow that path.

Fair enough, right?

So why did the word "RESTORE" keep working its way into my thoughts? "Rest," I thought one day early this month after reading about yet another blogger's chosen word. "I'm not having a word for the year, but if I did, it would be 'rest.' Lord knows I need it."

Later, as I wrote in my journal, and thought, and wrote some more, my non-word "rest" stretched into "restore," and I realized: Maybe I don't want a word for the year, but it looks like I'm going to have one. And that word is restore.

It almost seems like the word picked me. Maybe because I needed it. And I do need it. Much more than I need plain old rest.

Restore. I liked it. It seemed right.

I don't mean that I want life to go back to what it was before it became "downside up." I don't want to undo anything that's been done. But some restoring is needed in this tired old girl--physically, emotionally, spiritually (and any other -ally words you can think of).

I hope to write more (lots more!) on that later. Including how that little word broke into my thoughts one restless night last week as I struggled over a major life decision, and how it guided me to make the right decision. And how I probably would have decided differently, had that word "restore" not interrupted me.

And how the word "restore" led me to that little table at the musty-smelling pub/coffee shop near work today, and how I'm going to start going there twice a week during my lunch hour to write. Because few things are as restoring to me as an hour or so with a notebook, a pen, and my thoughts.

For now, I'm just sharing the news with the many, many (OK, ten or so) readers of this blog: My word for 2011 is restore.

(My apologies for the low quality of the pictures. I'm not a photographer, not even an amateur one, and my cell phone camera isn't the best.)

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The dB family said…
I like it. It's a good word. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it as this new year continues to march forward.

FCEtier said…
Thanks for commenting on my king cake article over at Blogcritics.
Congrats on your journaling and "restoring". I hope you will consider following my blog, too.

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