Multitude Monday #8

What a week. Last week was a time of emotional ups and downs. It was also a week of long hours at work; I totaled almost 50 for my six days of work. It's hard to miss my daughter so much, but it makes the times I do have with her that much more special.

Here are some things I was thankful for this week:

109. the crunch of days-old snow

110. warm sun melting snow on a still-cold day

111. how cold doesn't bother the evergreens

112. the sound of baby stirring early in the morning

113. stroking baby's head and back while she nurses--comfortable, warm, and secure

114. baby's first attempts to "moo" when asked, "What does a cow say?"

115. the way she grins when she knows she's accomplished something big (like mooing for the first time)

116. the fact that our town has two coffee shops that are great for writing, even though neither is technically a coffee shop

117. the folks at the Baptist church down the road; they always let me practice on their grand piano during my lunch breaks.

118. when depression unexplainably lifts (many thanks to new friends Audra, Deborah, and others for your prayers regarding this ...)

119. handwritten letters

120. an unlikely, unexpected "slow day" during the busy season at work

121. a brand-new notebook for writing

122. long, slow runs

123. little rocking chairs, passed down through the generations

She climbed into this chair on her own yesterday morning.

124. king cake


125. knit caps in Mardi Gras colors

We got the little cap at Trail Days in Damascus, VA, last year.

126. a rare warm(ish), sunny day in January for going to the park

Behind the plastic "bubble" at the playground.

127. a little girl who loves books

Reading "Touch and Feel Kitten" in her rocking chair

128. when I catch her reading on her own

Reading "The Hidden Alphabet," a present from her Uncle Ghent

129. my friends in the AT hiking community, and their love for little "Scout"

Hopeful and Jen with "Scout" at the 2011 Southern Ruck

130. relaxing after a good meal

If you'd like to read others' "Multitude Monday" posts, click the "One Thousand Gifts" image below; this will take you to Ann Voskamp's blog. At the end of Ann's post for today is a trailer for her recently published book, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. I got an e-mail from yesterday, telling me my copy has shipped. Woo hoo!

Have a good week, everyone.

holy experience


Endris Family said…
Hi Nina! I found your blog through Ann's @ a Holy Experience and enjoyed reading your Gratitude list! Would you be so kind to share your homemade king cake recipe with me...I love king cake but I've never attempted to make it on my own. You can email me at Have a blessed week! Thanks, Jana
Nina said…
Hi Jana,

I'm actually planning to write a blog post on the king cake later this week and will include the recipe there. Thanks for visiting!
violet said…
Lovely! I love how the king cake matches the Mardi Gras hat - how clever!
#128 -- I so get it!
Have a great week...maybe not working so hard.
lifeinlimits said…
You are the sweetest! I saw your post and thought, "Oh, look at that! She knows another Audra!" ~:big smile:~ Then tears. :) So glad to be getting to know you. And more importantly, that the depression is lifting. Praise God. His blessings flow. :)

And Anne is just too cute.

And we haven't even talked about music yet, have we? I love to sit down at the piano too. :)
Elle M. said…
Beautiful. Glad to still be connected...
Yolanda said…
Beautiful post and such a beautiful family. I love your area of the world too. We can't get king cakes out here like we could at home. They always reminded me lent was coming.Hope you have a less stressful week this week.
Carrie said…
Love your list Nina and the cute pictures!!
The dB family said…
Nina, I love reading your list! Your little tidbits about Miss A brings back such fond memories of when mine were that little. So thankful that your depression has lifted! To God be the glory!! How did Hopeful get his name? I like it.


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