Multitude Monday #7: Snow Day Edition

This morning was a rough one. Only after I got to work did I realize what a great blog photo-op I'd missed. Ah well, next time ... though I hope there won't be a next time.

I was halfway to work (which is normally a three-minute drive from home) when I ran into a snow bank and got stuck. After a short wait, help from a tow truck, and $55 to the towing company, I made it to work. It was frustrating, but I'm glad to be here safely, and I'm thankful that the tow truck was able to come so quickly, and that the towing company guys were so nice. One of them even drove me the rest of the way to work because I was concerned about sliding again!

I haven't lived in Louisiana since 2003, but I still use the old "I'm from Louisiana" excuse when I mess up when driving in the snow. And I used it this morning. After they pulled me out of the snow bank, one of the guys asked, "Do you think you can make it to work now?" and I gave them an "Are you kidding?" look and said, "I'm from Louisiana."

"Oh, OK. I'll be happy to drive you myself, ma'am. You just get in the passenger seat and we'll be on our way."

Here are a few things I've been particularly thankful for this week:

92. snow (It's a pain when you have to drive in it to get to work, but it sure is beautiful.)

93. opportunities and possibilities

94. poetry

95. a boss who is patient and understanding (I think it helps that my own boss also has a small child.)

96. not needing to put in as many hours at work as I'd planned (This happened Saturday! I drank in every extra moment I got to spend with my little daughter!)

97. two little one-year-olds, playing together

98. my daughter's delight (complete with grinning, squealing, and clapping) at learning she can roll a ball

99. having a good vehicle for getting from place to place, snow or not

100. the feeling of bliss, comfort, and rightness that settles in whenever I sit down to work on a creative-writing project (Yes! I got to put in some "novel work" for a half-hour yesterday!)

101. the company I work for

102. being able to look back on a difficult decision and realize that I made the obvious right choice (even though it didn't seem so obvious at the time of the decision)

103. a change (for the better) in perspective

104. the sense of possibility in friendship--when you meet someone and have a really good feeling that, "this person and I are going to be really good friends."

105. when you learn that the other person feels the same way

106. Mary -- You were one of those to whom #104 and #105 of this list definitely applied. Sadly, our budding friendship was cut short by a drunk driver. Today would have been your 30th birthday. Rest in peace, my friend.

107. verses like Ecclesiastes 3:4 and Matthew 5:4, which remind me that mourning and grief are a real and necessary part of life, and that having faith in Christ doesn't mean such things will conveniently take leave of our lives. For whatever reason, that truth can be so hard to swallow.

108. and to end on a lighter note ... the sheer fascination that a flushing toilet can hold for a curious one-year-old

Hope you have a wonderful (albeit snowy, for those of you in the southeast and elsewhere) week, dear readers! And, if you think about it, please say a prayer for Mary's family (and particularly her mom, Rose), who continues to struggle with the loss of this beautiful young woman.

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lifeinlimits said…
Nina, I love #102! So thankful when He gives us grace to see his grace. :)
And I am praying for Mary's family today.... Thanks for the blessing of entering their lives.
violet said…
It's so good to 'read' your voice again, Nina! Glad you made it to work ok. Love the descriptions of your little one. You are such a great mom! (Also love your #104.)
B said…
Glad you were safe and made it to work without too much drama - I liked to pull the "I'm from Texas" when I was in NYC and couldn't adapt to something for whatever reason. Easy out :)
The dB family said…
Thanking God for safety for you and lifting Mary's family up in prayer. We're getting a good dose of snow again this evening and I had to drive in it. Unfortunately I have no excuse ;o) if I ditch my vehicle (which I have done).


PS My internet kept kicking out (probably still will) due to the snow here.

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