Multitude Monday #6: New Year Edition

I hope everyone had a good first weekend of 2011! I had to work a full day Saturday—such is life when your company’s big software release goes out the first week of January each year.

Yesterday was much more in keeping with how I’d like to spend more of my time in 2011. We went to church in the morning (and it was an amazing service), and then Anne graced us with a very long nap (on her part) in the afternoon, which allowed me to write for almost three hours. Then, Dan and I took Anne for a short run on the Greenway. It was cold, and the wind more frigid and blowing harder than I expected, so we weren’t out there long. Still, it was good to be outdoors, and good to run. When we got home, Anne and I played a bit of piano while Dan got dinner ready.

I did some laundry last night (ah, yes, there’s always laundry to do, even on the most perfect of days), and then I got to read a few more pages of Anna Karenina before I went to sleep around midnight.

All in all, a good one-day weekend.

I’m finding gratitude easier these days. Perhaps that’s because it’s becoming more of a habit to write things down throughout the week for Multitude Monday. Maybe (just maybe!) this depression is beginning to lift. I’ve been running every other day for the past week, and running is probably my most effective non-medicative anti-depressant ... so maybe (just maybe!) that’s what’s happening.

Lots to be thankful for this week:

73. beef stew on a cold night. I don't generally like red meat and rarely eat it ... but I do love some good beef stew when it's chilly outside.

74. homemade bread

75. a good phlebotomist

76. doctors who listen

77. the English language, with all its hundreds of thousands of words

78. the ability to read and write

79. free baby clothes, hand-me-downs all

80. warm coats

81. a break in the cold spell

82. live jazz

83. the song “Misty”

84. Benadryl

85. being inside a warm house on a cold night

86. hot chocolate after a brisk run in the cold

87. turkey and dressing for dinner when it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas

88. second (and third, and fourth ...) chances

89. New Year’s resolutions (I know a lot of people hate them or “don’t believe in them.” Don’t count me among those folks!)

90. Books that are infinitely re-readable

91. My word for 2011: RESTORE (more on that later ... maybe)

Dear readers, I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Meghan said…
Hey there! I just found your blog through A Holy Experience and I'm so glad I did. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!

violet said…
Hi Nina!

Lovely to read your list. I'm with you on the Resolutions bit -- love the new year for the feeling of possibilities it brings. May yours be full and rich!
The dB family said…
Nina, your list is wonderful! I could identify with so many of them too. Mmm, beef stew. We're predominantly non meat eaters, but a good beef stew is still amazing!

B said…
Great post!

I'm glad you could relate to my post this weekend about happiness (that you're feeling happy, not that you've been where I've been). I actually thought of you while I was writing it.

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