Multitude Monday #10

I stepped out into the rain early this morning and caught that smell--that moist, earthy Appalachian forest smell that I first learned to love while living in Virginia in the late 1980s, and that became familiar to me as breathing when I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2000. A part of me wanted to pack up my wet tent, find my hiking poles, and lug my heavy backpack onto the trail for another cold, gray day of following the white blazes.

Yes, I miss even those days.

I wasn't very good about writing things down this week, so the ones below are from memory:

148. past adventures, and friends made there

149. unseasonably warm, sunny days in the dead of winter

150. cold, drizzly, bruised-sky days in the dead of winter

151. seeing a child's joy as she goes down a slide for the first time

152. tea parties, the kind with imaginary cups of tea, hosted by a two-year-old

153. computer techs who treat us non-techies like we're human

154. they way my husband drops everything when I propose an impromptu family trip to the playground

155. Bach's three-part invention in G minor

156. the way a Bach keyboard piece reveals more and more depth the more you practice it, and how the result is greater and greater satisfaction with each playing

157. a friend I can confide in

158. when time-away-from-Li'l-Boo flies and it seems like no time before we're together again

159. feeling the strength coming back to my legs after running consistently for several weeks

160. the ready availability of clean water for refilling my 32-ounce bottle multiple times a day

161. a job that offers new challenges periodically, and (usually) isn't the same old thing every day

162. drizzly-cold Monday mornings

163. being able to call the Appalachian Mountains "home"

164. toy trains

165. seeing her recognize that a word isn't just a fun sound to make, but something that has real meaning

166. the way the rain makes the whole world gleam

167. meals shared with family

168. my daughter's love of books

169. the way she hugs her friend Mo, or her cousin Ella, in greeting

170. Neosporin for a stubborn finger-cut

171. a clean bathtub

172. a husband who can cook

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lifeinlimits said…
yay for thankfulness and 5 miles?!?!?! =D Go, Nina, go!
musicalmary said…
Amen to #172!!! I like your list, and we are enjoying warmer temperatures here in the Atlanta area, too. Have a great week!
The dB family said…
Wow on the running! It feels so good to exercise doesn't it? I actually almost look forward to my workouts these days.

I can almost smell the Appalachian forest too. Here it's Carolinian forests, but I'm sure the scent of the earth would be the same. Warm, earthy, comforting.


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