Toddler Tuesday: An Update

Anne's one-year doctor's appointment was yesterday. She cried when she got her shots, poor thing. I had to help hold her down while her father sat on the other side of the room and ... oh, who knows what he was doing. All I know is that I was the one who got the "Why-aren't-you-helping-me-you-traitor" look from my suffering, screaming child.

At one year old, Anne weighs 17 pounds and 10 ounces, which means she's gained a whopping TEN POUNDS since she was born. That's actually not a lot, compared to the "average" baby, whose birth weight increases 2.5 to 3 times in the first year. In fact, Anne is only in the third percentile for one-year-olds for weight.

At 29 inches long, she's in the 40th percentile for height, and she's in the fifth percentile for head circumference.

Oh, who cares about percentiles anyway. I just know that we have an teeny-tiny, adorably petite Li'l Boo.

She's walking everywhere, sometimes almost running, which looks very odd because she's so small and doesn't look old enough to be able to walk or run.

She also loves chocolate. And asparagus. And bread.

She's trying to say words. She's said something like "Yes" several times, and she's (finally) begun to say "Mama" (after months of nothing but "Da-da-da-da-da-da"). She, of course, says "bobby" (her word for booby, a.k.a. milk), and she's said "duck" and "baby" a few times.

If I ask her to point to something, or bring me something, she'll do it (when she wants to). Amazingly, she knows what things are. This blows me away. When she was in the tub a couple of weeks ago, I asked her to hand me the washcloth, and she did. If I ask her where my nose is, she'll point to my nose. (Of course, if I ask her where her nose is, she'll point to my nose. We're working on that.)

She talks and talks and talks and talks. I believe I've given birth to a true extrovert. When she sees other children, she hurries over to them, grinning and squealing with delight.

She loves to play "This Little Piggy" and "Peek a Boo." She likes to clap her hands. Whenever she hears music, she immediately starts grinning and dancing and sometimes clapping her sweet little hands.

She has four teeth, and two more coming in on the bottom. And she has the sweetest little smile, don't you think?

She's the most awesome baby ever. I love her so much I feel like I'll turn inside out.


Terminal Degree said…
Oh, she is precious! Love the smile.
The dB family said…
What a wee sweet pea! Love the little toothers peeking out. You're at such a fun age with her and it sounds like you are enjoying it immensely.

The Dahmens said…
Yes, precious smile and precious baby girl!

You described the "shot" moment perfectly. I always feel like such a traitor! I am supposed to be the one who protects my child--not the one holding him/her down for shots! Horrible experience!
I nursed Elizabeth through every shot appointment until she was two. It was something that the nurse giving the shots at her first appointment suggested. The crying never lasted very long. Maybe you could try that at her next appointment if she's still nursing.
Nina said…
Miz Chassis,

Yes, I always nurse Miss Anne after she gets shots. I don't know if she'll be nursing at her next appointment, but if she is, we'll do the same.

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