Multitude Monday #4

Lots to be thankful for this week before Christmas ...

50. Chamomile tea on a cold night before bed

51. Christmas parties

52. Little girls in pretty red dresses

53. Daddies and daughters on merry-go-rounds

54. White chili

55. Sleeping in and snuggling on an iced-in Monday morning

56. Tate, the young woman who works in the nursery at church

57. A good reading lamp

58. The way a little bit of our money can go a long way for someone else

59. "Silent Night, Holy Night"

60. Mellowed-out old cats

61. Books that I can read again and again, without growing tired of them

62. Kind words and prayers from across the blogosphere

63. Toddlers toddling

64. Dixieland jazz, and the way my daughter dances when she hears it

65. Finding a grand piano where one wasn't expected, and being allowed to play it

66. Sunday afternoon naps (I only get one every few years, but I had one today and it felt positively decadent!)

67. The way a few days of bitterly cold weather make the 40-degree days seem not so bad

68. Having a job. Sure, I would rather be home with my daughter, but when there are bills to pay, it's better to have a job than not. And I'm happy to have a job I like.

That's it for today's gifts. To read about more gifts from folks around the blogosphere, click the link below.

holy experience


Dorie said…
Great listing! I particularly agree with #59, #61, #62, and #63.
A sweet photograph - their expressions are so telling.
The dB family said…
Ah, I love your list! Yes, grab those Sunday afternoon naps when you can get them. I LOVE them too. What a precious photo!


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