Multitude Monday #2

What a weekend. On Friday, Anne was a little baby. By Sunday night, she was something between baby and toddler. What a transformation, and in such a short time!

Friday night, she was standing at the coffee table and took a couple of tentative steps to the couch.

"Hmm," I thought. "Could Miss Anne finally be interested in walking?"

So I sat several feet from her, held out my arms, and said, "Miss Anne, can you walk to Mommy?"

She held her arms toward me, grinned ear to ear, and walked five steps before falling into my arms.

And that was it. She's been walking ever since.

She also started saying "Beh-bee." At first I thought she was saying "Baby," but I soon realized from the context that she's saying, "Boobie," which is Anne-language for, "I want some milk, please Mommy." See, I use three different expressions for milk: "Milky," "Nursie," and "Boobie." And we see which word she's decided to pick up on.

She also started laughing this weekend. She'd laughed a few times before, but she's been, on the whole, a pretty serious baby. But this weekend? It's like she learned that laughing is actually fun, and the whole weekend was filled with the sounds of her sweet little giggle. Last night, she and I just looked at each other and laughed for the longest time--the more I laughed, the more she laughed, and vice versa. She was trying to nurse, but she couldn't because she was laughing. So she's stop and look up at me and laugh some more. It was priceless.

So, today's "Multitude Monday" is mostly about my growing little girl:

#13. Her sweet, infectious little giggle

#14. The way she pulls herself up the stairs and looks back every few steps to make sure I'm still there with her

#15. Her first, wobbly attempts at walking

#16. How, on her third day of walking, she went six steps while keeping her nose in a book. Looked like she wasn't even thinking about the fact that she was walking.

#17. Her sweet hugs

#18. The way she says "bah-bee" when she wants to nurse

#19. The fact that she now points at my nose when I ask her, "Where is Mommy's nose?"

No more of this hand-batting thing!
 #20. The way she played piano this weekend: striking notes with a single finger, rather than batting at them with her hands. This is another significant change I noticed in those magical three days.

#21. The way she loves to be upside down. We'll let her hang upside down for a few seconds, then pull her up, and then she throws her head back so we can hang her upside down again.

#22. The way she's discovered that she can put things into containers. (Up to now, she's only been interested in taking things out).

#23. Our "laughing session" last night. That one's going to go down in my memory as one of my most treasured moments of motherhood.

#24. The way she's begun to "steer" her walker so she doesn't run into anything. It made me feel a little sad, though, that she no longer needs me to redirect it when she's about to run into a chair or a wall.

I have a few thankful things regarding my husband, too.

#25. In addition to working his full-time job, he's been a good house-husband these last few weeks when I've had to put in a lot more hours at work.

#26. His special little games with Anne: the nose beep, hiding under the blanket, etc. It's neat how things are developing, where there are certain games Anne plays with me, and certain games she plays with her daddy.

#27. He's always, always willing to rub my feet. I might have listed that in an earlier "thankful" list, but it deserves a second mention.

Life is good. I'm still exhausted and I had to work a full day on Saturday and Anne is still not quite over her cold from last week, but life is good. All the laughing and playing with my baby this weekend was good for everyone.


nic said…
this post was such a balm to my heart! i do so miss those baby days, and i adore all the precious glimpses you've transcribed here.

you do such a beautiful job treasuring your family.

it's lovely to meet you, nina.
violet said…
Hi Nina! How lovely to see you're gathering gifts too... that's great. I love your new digs. And I love your baby blessings. (My little grandson is just over a year. He has learned to walk since I last saw him. We're planning to reconnect on December 26th and I can hardly wait!!)
It is as you said - "life is good"!
Lovely gratitude list, Nina.
many blessings..Trish
Rene said…
I love this post. I'm so glad you got to enjoy some laughter with Anne. Baby laughs are the best!

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