Forecast for Anne's First Birthday Party

Here's the forecast for Anne's first birthday party tomorrow:

Well, better this year than last, I guess, considering Anne's birthin' hospital was thirty minutes away and on the other side of a mountain.

Poor Anne ... she picked December 12 to be born, a day when weather is often iffy and folks are so busy with Christmas activities that birthdays can get lost in the shuffle. Of course, we've vowed never to let little Anne's birthday to be overshadowed by the holiday madness, and we will look disdainfully upon anyone who deigns to give her a combination birthday/Christmas present.

But still, I feel for the kid. She doesn't know it now, but she's in for a lifetime of wondering if everyone's going to be too snowed in, or too busy with holiday activities like shopping and parties and caroling and such, to come to her birthday party.

Unless ... we celebrate her half-birthdays in June instead of her birthdays in December. Hmmm, now there's an idea ...


The Dahmens said…
I was thinking about starting the half-birthday tradition with Nicholas too! Looking forward to seeing some birthday party photos from tomorrow's big day! Happy first birthday, Miss Anne!
B said…
Happy Birthday, little Anne!!!!!!

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