Multitude Monday #1

I'm "joining" the gratitude community hosted by the blog Holy Experience. If you'd like to read others' thoughts, click the "Multitude Monday" banner at the bottom of this post, or visit Ann Voskamp's post for today.

So here we go. A few things I am thankful for:

#1: sweet baby toes

#2: clean water

#3: quiet evenings alone after the baby has gone to sleep

#4: a blank page for writing

#5: spiral-bound, college-ruled notebooks with pockets

#6: the Appalachian Trail

#7: sweet potato casserole (with pecan topping ... not marshmallows!)

#8: my sister, Megan, who never seems to lose faith in me

#9: a husband who is never too tired to rub my back

#10: time to read and write

#11: an adventurous baby daughter

#12: overripe bananas, and the smell of banana bread baking

So, readers, please let me know in the comments ... what is one thing that you're grateful for today?

holy experience


Southern Gal said…
A good start to a long list!
Kim said…
I'm thankful for my warm bed, to which I'm heading!
Patricia said…
Mercy. Mercy and grace.
The bindings of a wounded heart..woven together by the One Who heals!
So glad to have read your gratitude gifts for Him today:-)
blessings in Christ..Trish
I'm grateful to have you as a friend, and as a former roommate.

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