Daybook for Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Outside my window... It's gray. Can't tell yet what kind of day it's going to be. I want to stay home all day so I can read, write, and think.

I am thinking... that school is starting already. Makes me feel a little homesick. I always loved school. I kind of wish I was teaching. It is, after all, Beowulf season.

I am thankful for... answered prayer. I've had to make some hard decisions recently, and several things have happened unexpectedly in the last few days that will make those decisions a lot easier to carry out.

From the learning rooms... There are no learning rooms. I think that's a homeschool term, and since these little prompts are from a site frequented by stay-at-home homeschooling moms, it applies for them. I haven't decided yet what we're going to do for Anne's education.

From the kitchen... I baked up a storm this summer. I'm teaching a class at work Thursday morning, and I'm wondering what kind of cookies I'll make Wednesday night. I'm thinking of trying Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Cookie Sandwiches, which I found on The Crepes of Wrath, one of my favorite food/recipe blogs. Or maybe I'll do chocolate chip; the sandwiches seem a little labor-intensive, and Wednesday nights are not the time for labor-intensive. Or I might do lemon sugar cookies; I can make and roll the dough tonight, and then cut and bake the cookies tomorrow night.

I am wearing... hiking shorts and a t-shirt from a recent 5K. One thing I love my job: I can wear hiking shorts and a t-shirt from a recent 5K to work.

I am creating... I can't think of a thing I'm creating. Need to work on that. I am, however, thinking of starting a poetry group of geeky English-major types who want to sit around, maybe every two weeks, and talk about poetry. I've also thought of starting a group to discuss Christian apologetics. And I've also thought of starting a writing group, where a bunch of geeky English-major types get together and talk about writing, do writing exercises, etc. If you're in my town and are interested in joining any of these types of groups, please let me know in the comments, or e-mail me.

I am going... to leave for work in a few minutes. First I need to drop off Miss Anne at her sitter's, then I'll head for the office. I hate having to be away from Anne all day. Fortunately, she's only about 12 minutes from work, so I can go nurse her at lunch. And sometimes her sitter brings her to me at the office, which is always nice.

I am reading... Southbound by the Barefoot Sisters. And several other books. But that's the main one.

I am hoping... our Maggie Valley house will sell, now that we've dropped the price to a ridiculously low amount that we never would have considered a year ago.

I am hearing... the cat scuff around in his litterbox.

Around the house... everyone's asleep--Hubster, Anne, and our guest, Brian. The floor to the play area needs to be vacuumed, so I guess I'll do that tonight. And our nice garden tub is full of cat hair and Q-tips; Beau's latest game is to chase Q-tips in the tub. Ah, the joy of being a cat-mama ...

One of my favorite things... Lately, Anne has become wary of strangers. Two months ago, she would go to anyone. Now she clings to me. She holds me tight and rests her little head on my shoulder and just ... snuggles. It's the most wonderful feeling (though not so great for the person who wants to hold her, but can't). Yesterday, when I was holding her like this, I thought, "People would pay big money for a drug that could make them feel the way I feel right now." Motherhood is hard, but I love being Miss Anne's mom more than just about anything.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Hubster has a late meeting tonight. As I said earlier, I need to bake tomorrow night for Thursday morning's class. Thursday is open, and Friday we're going to have company again. Anne's been going to sleep a little earlier (9:00), so maybe I'll have a few minutes each night for reading, writing, and thinking.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

This is one of my favorite pictures of Anne, taken about a month ago, just after she turned 7 months. She's playing on her activity table, one of her favorite toys.

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B said…
Ava is the same way with strangers, leaning her little head up against my neck, and I secretly love it also!

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