Another Rare and Uninteresting Update

Friends, I have so much to write on this blog. I fear all of it will never get written. For the time being, I'll continue to do what I've been doing: writing little snippets here and there once every week or two, just so my five faithful readers know I'm still alive.

Anne: Anne turns eight months old today. I'm not going to write things like, "My, how the time has flown!" and "Where did the time go?" Truth is, time has pretty much crept along since Anne was born. I'm happy about that--I really feel like I've been able to savor every moment with her.

Anne and Solid Food: Last night, Anne decided to start eating solid food. We first tried to give her solid food when she was just shy of six months old. She would have nothing to do with it. So we tried again a few times ... then she turned seven months old and still wasn't eating solid food. I tried every night for a week or so, but she was adamant. "No! Solid! Food! Mommy!" (She said this in baby body language.) So I stopped trying. Hubster was away for ten weeks, I was working full time, and Anne was healthy and growing on breastmilk alone, so I didn't push the matter anymore.

So I haven't tried to give her solid food in several weeks. Last weekend, my mom gave her a bit of a saltine cracker. Then another bit. Then another. Anne seemed to like it.

Hello, Sweet Potatoes! So last night, now that she's a mature eight-month-old, I presented her with a spoonful of strained sweet potatoes. Her sweet little mouth opened, like she was a little bird waiting for a worm. A fluke? No. I gave her a second spoonful, and her mouth opened again. She ate as if she'd been eating for weeks. I gave her a bit of a saltine cracker, and she chewed it with her two teeth. It was very cute.

I'm still breastfeeding her and plan to do so for at least four more months, and possibly through the winter so she'll have a good, strong immunity to the colds and flu viruses out there. It's a challenge for me, but so worth it. And I love breastfeeding the Li'l Boo.

So that's the latest on Anne. She is the sweetest, most delightful child, and I am one hundred percent in love with her.

About Waterfall ... Here's the latest on me: I'm a tired mommy.

Work: I'm working hard when I'm at work. I love my tech writing job more than ever, partly because I've been able to "branch out" this year. For instance, I got to teach a couple of classes this summer: one was a primer on our company's style guide, and the other was a class on basic business/technical writing.

It was so nice to be in front of a classroom again. If I could learn how to set limits for myself and not push myself too hard, I think I could go back to teaching full-time. I truly loved teaching, and I think was good at it (for a beginner, at least). I was just really horrible at balance.

I've also been given the opportunity to do some writing and editing for a magazine published by my company. This has been a nice break from the usual tech writing.

"Me" Time? What's That? I haven't had much "me" time since, oh, December 12, 2009. There is no "me" time anymore. I'm strangely okay with that. Very strangely. I wasn't okay with it a month ago, but I am now. I guess I've hit the "acceptance" stage or something.

Reading: I'm managing to read some books. I'm currently reading Spurgeon: A New Biography, by Arnold Dallimore, as part of a group-reading effort on Tim Challies's website. I'm also reading Southbound, by Susan and Lucy Letcher, a.k.a. "The Barefoot Sisters." It's about their southbound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2000. I hiked quite a few miles with them, so I'm in the book. It's been so much fun to read about their adventures and to re-visit my own hiking memories--some of which I haven't thought about in ten years.

Funny--I read this same book (or thought I did) in the few weeks after Anne was born, but I remember very little of it. I'm so glad I picked it up to read it again. Clearly, my mind was elsewhere back in December/January. I actually read several books during that time, and I don't remember much about any of them.

Other Things I Used to Do: I'm not running (much), and I'm not playing piano (much). I'm a backup pianist for my church, so I've played for once service so far and will be playing again for a service in September. If it weren't for that obligation, I probably wouldn't play at all. Not that I don't want to play. I'm usually just so tired when I'm at home. And I can't play late at night because I don't want to wake up Miss Anne. So piano will have to wait awhile longer.

I'm also studying the book of James with a Bible study group. That's been interesting. It makes me want to start a blog, just to write all the insights and thoughts I have. Then I remember that I don't even have time to blog here, and that it would be crazy to start yet another blog. So maybe I'll post some of those thoughts here, if I ever find time.

And the Hubster's Home: My husband is home after ten weeks away. That was rough for both of us: He missed Miss Anne (and me, I guess), and I got to be a single working mom for ten weeks. I'm glad he's home.

Thoughts Lately: My challenge lately has been to embrace life as it is. I keep finding myself wishing that things were different--that we lived in a different house, that I was in school instead of working, that Hubster and my jobs, much as we love them, didn't keep us apart from each other for such long periods of time. And then I really waste my time wishing I'd done things differently before: that we had rented, and not bought, that house in Maggie Valley; that we'd stayed in that house instead of buying a second home here; that we'd planned financially for a child; that I'd had Anne at 30 (when I had more energy) instead of 40. It does me no good to entertain regrets about what might have been, but I still manage to do it anyway.

That's it for now. Sorry about the lack of cute Anne pics this time around. Oh, here's an old one that I don't think I've posted here yet.

Don't let her smile fool you. She was still in her "No! Solid! Food! Mommy!" phase at this point!


Kim said…
My kids all loved sweet potatoes when they were babies. Not so much now, but they sure loved them then.

You're juggling a lot; no wonder you're a tired mommy!
Rene said…
I just wanted to let you know that I am one of your readers! I enjoy reading your updates, I just don't comment.

I'm glad your husband is home. And happy 8 months, Anne!
Anya said…
You know I'm a faithful reader too, Waterfall. It sounds like you're keeping your sanity with all that you have going on in your busy life... an inspiration! Thanks for the update every now and then. :-)

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