Anne Update

Here are some pictures that Angela (Anne's sitter) took of Miss Anne today while I was at work.

She's learning to wave bye-bye:

Doesn't it look like she's taking a picture of herself here?

That's my baby, crawling across the floor! You can kind of see her tooth in this picture.

Yes, she's the spitting image of her daddy, minus the facial hair.

Crawling and laughing!

Miss Anne is crawling, pulling herself up, waving bye-bye, and trying to walk. She has a tooth. She still doesn't want solid food. She's light-years from where she was even a month ago.

Meanwhile, I'm so tired I constantly feel like I have "the shakes." I'm ready for my husband to come home from camp so I can get some desperately needed rest. Three more weeks.

Anne's new sitter is wonderful. She has been a real blessing.

I miss my brain.


B said…
She's gorgeous! And I know you always say she looks like your husband, but I definitely see you in there also!

I can't believe she's crawling! Ava wants to - she manages to get on her hands and knees sometimes - but she doesn't have the momentum yet. I'm in no hurry!

Try and get some rest! I look forward to your updates :)
Kim said…
She certainly does look happy!
Waterfall said…
B: She looks a little bit like me in the "waving" picture, but she has her daddy's mouth and jaw, which is why I think she looks so much like him. She looks like me a little around the eyes ... sorta. :)

Kim: She's a pretty happy girl. She seems to have kind of a serious personality (kind of like her bookwormish mommy), but she's always quick to smile.

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