Daybook for June 22, 2010

Outside my window... it’s just starting to get light. Can’t tell yet if it’s overcast, or if it's just the lingering night that’s making the sky gray.

I am thinking... that my daughter looks really cute sleeping in her tie-dye. Also thinking that I have a lot of work to catch up on today. I love my job, but I hate to bring work home (I’ve had to do this a lot lately), and I hate when thoughts of work infringe upon my private home life.

I am thankful for... my mom. With Hubster at camp and Anne’s sitter stepping down, I was floundering, so she’s come up from Louisiana to help me out for a few days.

From the kitchen... There’s a big bowl of chocolate-chocolate-chip cookie dough in the fridge. I mixed it last night, but it was 11:00 by the time I was ready to make the cookies. So I’m waiting until tonight to make them.

I am wearing... Hiking shorts, my company t-shirt, and a nine-year-old pair of Tevas. Hair is in a ponytail, as it is every day these days.

I am creating... a new “look” for the man cave (yes, in Hubster’s absence). I got him a used loveseat for his Father’s Day present, and now the challenge is to fit it into the man cave without messing up the current delicate balance of beer-drinking armchair, TV tray, and cowboy-and-Indian pictures. (A new “look” for a room … gosh, that sounds like such a housewifey, non-Waterfallish thing to create.)

I am going... to take three hours on Saturday to read, write, and study! My friend Katie has offered to watch Anne for a few hours on Saturday, so I’m feeling very thankful for her! I need to plan what to read, what to write, and what to study, or I’ll be so overwhelmed with the possibilities that I’ll end up doing nothing.

I am reading... the book of James. I also started God in the Dock, a collection of essays by C.S. Lewis, but I haven’t gotten very far yet.

I am hoping... that Anne doesn’t wake up for a few more minutes. I’m enjoying this quiet time.

I am hearing... the cat. He’s scratching on the door. Wait just a sec while I go let him in …

Around the house... it’s quiet. I love being up early, even though I don’t feel the least bit rested. (Kind of hard to feel rested when you go to bed after midnight and wake up at 5:30.)

One of my favorite things... could “Anne” be considered a “thing”? No? Well … one of my favorite things is when people use semicolons correctly, and not just in the old “semicolon-however-comma” construction. That’s a small, minor thing, and it probably smacks of writing snobbery, but it truly does my heart good to see a well-placed semicolon.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Continue the mad juggle to balance child care responsibilities with work responsibilities. (This will get easier next week, when Anne starts going to her new sitter.) Bake cookies tonight. Work out at my usual time (10:00) each night. Plan for Saturday. Try not to fall into negative thinking about how I hate my life right now; focus on the blessings instead, and the fact that this craziness is temporary (and how I’ll probably miss it once things have settled down).

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... This is Anne’s best friend, Beau. Note that he’s on her baby gym. He thinks it’s their (his and Anne’s) baby gym. Once Anne outgrows it, it’ll become a very nice cat toy.

Beau loves Anne. He gets upset when she’s upset. He cries when she cries. He likes to play when she plays. He wants to snuggle up to her when she’s asleep. She’s learned to pet him. She particularly loves to pet him when she’s playing the piano—left hand on the keys, right hand petting Beau. (She clearly takes after her mommy here.)

While Beau has definitely felt the pain of no longer being “the boss” in our house he’s dealt with it relatively well. He doesn’t seem jealous of Anne at all. He just wants to be her friend. I have to be the mean cop because I’m scared our little wild man will hurt her when he thinks he’s just “playing.”

I won’t be surprised if Anne’s first real word (other than da-da-da-da) is “cat.”

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Have a blessed week!

B said…
Hang in there - if there is anything I've learned as a mother, it's that everything is temporary, and this too shall pass.
noonie said…
As they say hang in there... there is quiet after the storm, but only so you can rest up for the teen years... muhahahaha.

Sorry to hear about the sitter changes that's no fun. But it may turn out to be a bigger blessing.
Joan said…
Handsome guy. I enjoyed this post.
The look on that cat's face made me laugh! :)

hope you find someone trustworthy

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