Some Pictures of Anne

Yes, I'm still here. No, I haven't had the time or inclination to blog. For those of you who are still checking my blog occasionally to see if I've posted anything, here are some Anne pictures for your troubles.

Have you ever seen a prettier smile?

Here's my giggly girl!

Although she is smiling a lot more every day, Anne still seems to have a relatively serious personality. Here's one of her characteristic serious faces:

Anne is always trying to pull herself up. She can't quite sit up yet, but she does a good job of it in her Boppy pillow. I think she looks kind of like she's leading a choir, or conducting an orchestra here. All she needs is a little baton!

Here is a picture of Anne and me. I like the pictures I'm in, but ... they're a sad reminder that I haven't had time to cut or highlight my hair since before Anne was born.

Is there any resemblance between me and this beautiful little girl? Any at all? No? I didn't think so. She looks just like her daddy.

Speaking of her daddy, I love this picture of Hubster and a certain daddy's girl.

And here's a pic of the three of us:

That's it for today, folks. We took some pictures with Anne's cousin Ella yesterday, so I'll post some of those once I get them.


Kim said…
Such beautiful pictures. I can see her daddy in her, and I can see you, too! You guys look so happy; these just made me smile.
They make me smile, too, Waterfall! We're looking forward to our first child - due in October - so it's fun to see little family photos...thanks for sharing!
B said…
I definitely see you in her - especially around the eyes!

Loving the new pics - she's growing up so beautifully!
Anonymous said…
For as often as you get time to post them, we do enjoy seeing how little Anne is growing. Thanks for sharing them. Peggy B

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