Millenial Quiz

I scored a 22 on the Pew Research site's "How Millenial Are You?" quiz. Which means I'm more millenial than my grandparents, but not so much as my fellow Gen X-ers.

Since several of the questions asked about what you did in the last 24 hours, I think my score would have been slightly higher if I hadn't left my cell phone at home yesterday. :)

What about you? What was your score?


Jared said…
I got a 90. I text message a lot though.
B said…
I scored a 91. Darn that tattoo.
Ms Mae said…
HHmm...I got a 73. I'm just "below" my actual age group.
Anya said…
Same here... I got a 72, which is just below where I 'should' be. Funny, I thought my score would be was less... since I don't play comp/vid games and hardly watch tv! :-)

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