How They Get Here

So, it's a slow day. Here are some of the Google searches that led to my blog ...

buckskin bill, baton rouge
Ah, yes ... Buckskin Bill is a fond memory for just about any kid who grew up in the Baton Rouge area in the 60s and 70s. I still sometimes hum the "Monday Morning March" tune.

You may not be the brightest crayon in the box MEANS
Ummm, if you have to ask ... you're probably Raw Umber.

Standchen, leise flehen ... lyrics english
This is one of the most common searches that lead to my blog. "Standchen," a Liszt piece based on a Schubert song, is something I worked on a few years ago. I loved the piece and wrote about it a LOT. So a search of just about anything "standchen" is likely to lead you to my blog.

bach is the supreme genius of music
'Tis true, 'tis true.

day 22 of pregnancy
Day 22? I don't know if I remember Day 22. I was probably still in the denial phase at the time.

maybe tomorrow jay little
I know nothing about the book Maybe Tomorrow other than that it's by an author who is known for being gay. Why did it lead to my blog? Because I had a post titled "Maybe Tomorrow," where I was wondering when Little Scout would be born. And my favorite pundit Jay Nordlinger's name was in my RSS feed.

signs of infection after giving birth to stillborn
This one just made me so sad. :(

contractions for "scout will"
I think that would be "Scout'll." Ahh, word-contractions are so much less painful than the Scout contractions I experienced last December 12.

what to say about my birthday
That's an easy one ... "Happy Birthday!"

sherwin williams lantern light
"Lantern Light" is my favorite paint color ever. It's the color I painted my "Writing Wall" at our old house, and it's the color we used for Anne's nursery.

ordinal linguistic personification
Next to the "Standchen" posts, my 4 + 5 = Green. Naturally. post is probably the one that gets googled most.

contrary motion scale
I miss playing piano all the time, but I do not miss the contrary motion scales!


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