Daybook for Today

Outside my window... it’s overcast, but not cold!

I am thankful for... quiet morning moments with my sweet daughter.

I am wearing... jeans, running shoes, and an LSU t-shirt.

I am remembering... life in Haywood County, and thinking of how much I miss Lake Junaluska (where I used to run) and Panacea (where I drank coffee and wrote).

I am going... to edit a new manual at work over the next few days.

I am reading... Mayflower (still), and the Psalm 140’s.

I am praying... lots of “thank you” prayers.

I am creating... an outline for a writing course.

Noticing that... if I stretch for a good, long time before and after I run, my back doesn’t hurt so much the next morning.

Pondering these words...

LORD, what is man that you regard him,
or the son of man that you think of him?
Man is like a breath;
his days are like a passing shadow.

Around the house... the dust bunnies are collecting. It’s time for spring cleaning, though we won’t have a good Saturday for it until the first weekend of April.

One of my favorite things... cool, humid mornings. They remind me of Louisiana, and of mornings on the Appalachian Trail.

From my picture journal... Hubster loving his little girl. My hope is that Anne is always as fond of her daddy as I am of mine.

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I've just started running at Lake J - I have a hard time running because of my chronic back problems and a heart thing where my heart rate SHOOTS UP sky high even when I'm not doing that much! It's frustrating....

however! I am Loving the light jogging I'm doing - I now understand why people like to run so much -- I'm building up my strength and stanima, though the doc said there's really nothing I can do about the heart rate thing so I have to be careful

Loved this post -
Waterfall said…
Kat: You don't have to be a marathoner to enjoy the benefits of running (thank goodness)! So glad you're jogging and enjoying the lake. Who knows, maybe your doc is wrong. :)

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