Anne's Turn

Today it’s Anne’s turn to be under the weather. Fortunately, my day of rest yesterday, along with a chiropractic treatment for my immune system, seemed to help, and I’m feeling good enough today to work from home. Anne, meanwhile, is coughing, and coughing, and coughing some more. Poor little thing. Yesterday, it was just two or three coughs every few minutes. Now, she’ll cough ten or eleven times before she stops. So I called the pediatrician.

I called the chiropractor, too. She worked magic in treating Anne’s colic, and she’s worked magic on several problems I’ve had that wouldn’t seem to fall under the “chiropractic” heading. So I’m trusting she’ll work magic on Anne’s cough today.

Just to make sure I have all the bases covered, we have an appointment with the pediatrician later this afternoon. Am I overdoing this as a mom? Possibly. My instinct and experience say that the chiropractor is my best bet, but my common sense (or something like that) says to go to the pediatrician, even though it will mean waiting up to an hour in a waiting room filled with sick children for a five-minute appointment, where they’re likely to tell me we just need to wait it out..

At least Hubster has been pronounced well, which is a relief. It looks like he, of the three of us, was the only one to get knocked flat by this cold. It was very frustrating for him, since he rarely gets sick.

In fact, neither Hubster nor I get sick very often. I don’t remember the last time I had a cold. I guess he and I are both pretty worn down. Some wandering virus saw my stressed, sleep-deprived Hubster, and thought, “HOME!” And the rest is history.

Lunch break is over. Back to work.


noonie said…
Nothing wrong with covering all the bases mine are now 13 and 15 and I still worry when they aren't well.

I had great results using an osteopath for my son's asthma alongside regular meds. He hasn't had asthma since he was three.
Jammie J. said…
Sometimes it is best to combine conventional with unconventional. That's likely the case here, but for now it's OK to get the reassurance you need.

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