Back in Training!

I managed to run 1.75 miles last night. That's the most I've run in a single session since last May, when first-trimester fatigue prevented me from realizing my goal of "running through the pregnancy." Ha. Now that was an unrealistic goal if I've ever had one. But I'm back.

Over the next few months, my friend Janet and I are going to be training for the Flying Pig Half-Marathon, which is scheduled for early May in Cincinnati. We were both training for this same race last year at this time. Janet went on to run it in two and a quarter hours. I saw her off at the starting line and got to see her finish the race--her first half-marathon. This year, I hope to run it with her, or at least start the race with her. Something tells me she'll cross the finish line a lot sooner than I do.

Janet and I are tossing around the idea of starting a training blog similar to last year's, where we record our progress, our thoughts on running, our gear recommendations, etc. If we do start one, I'll provide a link here.

I'm so happy to be running again. My biggest challenge right now is to keep from pushing myself too hard. Aerobically, I feel like I can run much farther than 1.75 miles; physically, I know it would be stupid to do such a thing. The last thing I want is a knee, ankle, or groin injury.

I've recorded my first few workout sessions at Buckeye Outdoors.

Now it's time for me to start catching up on Phedippidations, my favorite running podcast. I have a lot to catch up on--I haven't listened to "Steve Runner" since last April!


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