No Scout Yet

Scout's due date is Friday, and I'm happy to say that Scout didn't come on Thanksgiving and didn't come in November, granting me my humble wishes of a relaxing holiday and a December baby.

Thanks, Scout! So considerate already!

Today was my 39-week appointment with my midwife. Baby's heart rate was the usual 140, and I'm two centimeters dilated and 75% effaced. The high level of effacement is really good news because it means it'll be easier for me to dilate. It doesn't, however, mean I'll go into labor anytime soon (though I'm hoping I will).

The goal is to get to ten centimeters. So, eight small centimers from now, little Scout will be ready to enter the world.

Yesterday I was feeling like I was on the verge of labor, but I'm feeling a little more normal today. So it doesn't look like Scout will get here today ... but you never know. :-)


Belinda said…
Congratulations, nearly there! All the best of luck for the next few hours, days and weeks!

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