The Last Few Days

The last few days of my life have been pretty uneventful. Basically, we're sitting here, using up the last of my paid time off at work, waiting for Scout to get here. I spent one day playing piano, making cookies, and concocting a lovely dinner for the Hubster. I spent yesterday watching movies, playing putt-putt, playing piano, and walking on the treadmill Santa brought us for our early Christmas present. I'm not sure what I'll do today. Probably the same thing as yesterday.

As I mentioned in a previous post, yesterday was my weekly visit with the midwife at my OBGYN's office. She stripped my membranes, which is supposed to "encourage labor." It doesn't work for everyone, and some recent studies have shown that it doesn't have any effect. But I decided to go ahead and have her do it, since the later Scout is, the greater the chance of health-related problems arising due to my aging placenta.

Supposedly, once the membranes are stripped, you will go into labor within the next 24 hours if the process is working. The midwife was optimistic, since I'm already dilated 3 cm, am 80% effaced and have a "very soft" cervix. Well, it's been 24 hours and I'm still pregnant. So I guess it didn't work, though I've read that it's more realistic to expect labor in the next 24-36 hours, instead of just 24. We'll see.

I kind of wish we hadn't stripped the membranes. I'm fine with Scout being late, but all the "false hopes" do is set me up for disappointment the following day. Two Mondays ago, I was cramping all day ... but no baby, so I was depressed on Tuesday. Friday I had contractions for 11 hours ... but no baby, so I was depressed all day Saturday. Then yesterday, the membranes ... and no baby. So instead of having the attitude of, "Well, I guess Scout will come when he/she is ready," I find myself feeling depressed and disappointed today, even though I know the membrane-stripping isn't 100% effective.

I'm getting tired of people asking me why I haven't had the baby yet. I have no idea why. I guess Scout just isn't ready. I suppose I could go to the hospital and have them pump me up with pitocin to induce labor so I could have Scout now, but I don't want to force Scout out of the womb before his/her time.

Meanwhile, I have an appointment set up for a fetal non-stress test (NST) on Friday, though I'm pretty sure Scout is just fine. He/she moves so much that lately I feel like I'm carrying the Tasmanian devil (the Looney Tunes one) instead of a little human.


Lily said…
hang in there, enjoy these last days of pregnancy and silence as much as you can hun ;)
noonie said…
Hang in there, they come out in the end... or we can start writing your entry for the Guinness Book of Records.

I made a jigsaw waiting for Amy. It didn't help either. Just no this will not last... hugs.

PS Welcome to the joys of motherhood.

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