Scout Update

Wow. What a weekend we had, me and Scout. We watched and supervised as Scout’s Grandma Gwen (GG), Aunt Megan, Cousin Ella, and Dad worked on Scout’s room. I’ll put pictures up soon, for those of you who aren’t on Facebook. (If you are on Facebook, you’ve probably already seen them on my page by now.)

So the bedding is on the crib, the baby monitors are all hooked up, the tiny clothes are all washed, and even the hospital bag is partially packed. Scout has 17 days until his/her due date, which means I’ll start seriously expecting him/her sometime between this Friday and December 18.

I went to my midwife today for my one-week appointment. I told her about how Scout is moving constantly, and she laughed as she checked his/her heartbeat because my belly looked like it was making waves from Scout’s little body moving. The heartbeat was 140. I also tested negative for Group B Strep, which was a relief.

I asked if she would be checking my cervix again, and she said she doesn’t routinely do that, but could if I requested it. I didn’t request it for today, but I might for next week. Just because I’m curious.

There really isn’t a lot to report today. Right now, she said, we’re just in the waiting phase. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting. Meanwhile, I’m putting in the hours at work and trying to finish things up before I start my maternity leave after Thanksgiving. Life is good.


Myrrh C. said…
Very exciting! Can't wait to find out whether Scout is a he or she...I'm thinking the latter, for some reason...
Waterfall said…
Myrrh, If we were betting folks, we could make a bet, because I think it's a he!

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