Scout's in Familiar Territory

Maybe “familiar territory” is the wrong term. After all, I’m guessing nothing is familiar to Scout, except maybe the sound of my heart beating and the sound of my and Scout’s daddy’s voices. And I’m sure Scout knows every square centimeter of my uterine wall.

But if Scout were on the AT, he/she would be in places very familiar to his/her mom and dad.

Southbound Scout is in the Smokies, somewhere around Charlie’s Bunion, which isn’t far from where we lived in Maggie Valley. And what a view Scout has today!

(This photo is from the Hiking in the Smokys website. Fun, because there's a very good chance that Scout's first hikes will be in the Smokies.)

In map terms, here’s where our Southbound Scout is today:

It amazes me. Do you remember how long it took Scout to get through Virginia? Now it seems like Virginia is a distant memory.

In pregnancy terms, Scout’s at 36 weeks. Four more weeks to go! Such anticipation our Scout must be feeling as he/she nears the big destination. Northbound Scout is at Piazza Rock Lean-to, just four weeks from the Big K.

This was one of my favorite shelters on the whole Appalachian Trail—partly because it was a nice shelter, and partly because it has a cool two-seater privy. When Hubster and I were house-sitting a hostel in Maine, we took a few days to hike on the AT near Andover, and we stayed at this very shelter.

Would you like to know what’s going on with Scout right now? Here's what Scout might look like (though, if you scroll to my previous post, you'll see the latest ultrasound picture):

At 36 weeks, Scout’s main goal is to pack on the pounds at about an ounce a day. Scout is losing the lanugo hair and vernix cerseosa, two substances that have been on his/her body for much of the pregnancy. Want to hear something lovely? Scout is swallowing all of this gunk, and it’ll help make up his/her lovely first bowel movement. How sweet.

Scout has one more week before he/she is considered full term. I feel so thankful for that. I know too many people who have gone through the worry and stress of premature babies, and was hoping that wouldn’t happen with Scout.

I must admit, though, with Scout being so low, I wonder if he/she will make it all the way to the estimated summit date of December 4. I can’t imagine Scout would get off the trail before finishing it, can you? I’m hoping Scout holds out; I really want to get Thanksgiving over with before we settle down to embrace our new lives as parents.

Of course, I don’t feel at all ready for that. We still need baby stuff, and the house is a mess. My nesting instinct still hasn’t kicked in. Hopefully soon!


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