Midwife Appointment Today

Today was my weekly midwife appointment. Maybe it was my last weekly appointment … or maybe I have a few more to come. We’ll see.

I had about a million questions for her, which she answered. I asked her if it was normal to crave ice, since I’ve been sucking/chewing on ice for a couple of weeks now. She said it might be an iron issue, so they tested my iron levels, which turned out to be normal. She said it would be OK for me to eat orange-juice ice chips while in labor! Yay! I cannot get enough orange juice. I asked if it was unhealthy for me to be swigging through three liters of OJ a week, and she said I should be fine.

My mom was worried that I’ve been seeing a midwife and not a doctor every time, so I mentioned that. She said I really don’t need to see a doctor since I don’t have a high-risk pregnancy. That’s what I figured, but I thought I’d ask, just so my mom can rest easy. :)

She checked Scout’s heart rate, which was 150 this time—a little higher than usual. It was funny because Scout was practically doing aerobics when she checked the heart rate. Not only could we hear all these movements, but you could see the butt and feet making bumps on my belly! So cute. She said the higher heart rate was a good sign, since they want and expect the heart rate to increase when the baby moves.

She didn’t check my cervix this week, and I didn’t ask. Scout will come when Scout’s ready to come. I don’t want to stress about too little progress, or get too excited about significant progress, since Scout will still come whenever Scout decides it’s time.

As long as it’s after Thanksgiving. Right, Scout?


My step daughter saw a midwife and everything was just fine, although she did have the baby in the hospital

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