Little Baby

Well, today was my last biweekly OBGYN/midwife appointment. My next appointment is next week. From now until Little Scout is born, I’ll be going every week.

The big news from this appointment is that my hemoglobin levels are good. I’ve been taking iron pills for several months because my hemoglobin was so low, and it stayed low, even with the iron pills. So it was good to see it was in the normal range today. I guess I should thank the Hubster for making meat-ful dinners for me so often lately.

Little Scout’s heart rate was its usual 140. It’s been 140 forever. That’s good, because “normal” is between 120 and 160.

Scout is still measuring small, though. I’m 35 and a half weeks, and Scout’s still measuring at 30 weeks. My midwife isn’t super-concerned, since I’m so small and they would expect me to have a small baby anyway. But she still wants me to get an ultrasound, just so they can make sure Scout is progressing normally. An added benefit to that: They’ll be able to see what position Scout is in. We think Scout’s been head-down for several weeks now, but it'll be good to make sure.

It just blows me away that Scout is measuring the same thing he/she did five weeks ago. I can tell Scout’s bigger—my belly button has popped right out, and, well, I can just tell. It’s kind of hard not to tell that one’s belly has grown.

But still, it looks like I have a truly little baby. That’s fine with me, as long as Little Scout is healthy. As I’ve said before, I won’t complain about having to give birth to a smaller-than-normal little bundle!


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