Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 33 Belly Pic

Do you remember when I posted my first belly pic, at Week 20? You don't? Well, here it is again:

That was back when I had a cute little belly. I don't have such a cute little belly anymore, I don't think. Now that I'm less than seven weeks from Scout's due date, I'm finally looking like a bona fide pregnant woman, one who has a belly worth flaunting:

That little blue shirt isn't fitting me so well anymore, either.

But I'm happy to finally look pregnant. I got so tired of hearing about how un-pregnant I looked. It honestly hurt my feelings (for whatever reason) when people said that, and I'm glad those days are over.


  1. Won't all these photos be fun to frame in order side by side when Scout is out?

  2. really DO LOOK PREGNANT! ;-)
    Hard to believe it's almost the end
    (and the beginning)

  3. You look pregnant and grat :)