The Trouble with Working from Home

I felt awful today. Nausea, cramping, weak, etc., plus I was exhausted from lack of sleep over the past few weeks. I didn't go into work first thing this morning, waiting instead until after my midwife appointment to head to the office.

I was nearly in tears at my appointment. I just don't feel good. I usually feel OK in the afternoon, but the mornings and evenings are uncomfortable. I'm not in pain; just very uncomfortable. And I'm starting to feel the tugs of round ligament stretching again as the baby gets bigger and bigger.

(Strangely enough, Scout is still measuring small. Heart rate was 140, and Scout had the hiccups when the midwife listened to the heartbeat with the Doppler. It was very sweet.)

So I went to work and pretty much went straight into an hour-long meeting. I sat there, hoping I wouldn't get sick. Actually, I knew I wouldn't get sick, but I sure felt like I could.

So after the meeting, I got some work-things done, met with my fellow tech writer over some tasks and deadlines, printed out a bunch of hard copies of things I needed to read or edit, and e-mailed myself a couple of articles that I needed to combine into a single article for a Thursday deadline. And I went home to work in the relative comfort of boxer shorts, a t-shirt, and a couch. (Thankfully, I have a nice boss who was OK with that.)

Within minutes after I got home, Hideaway Cat and I conked out on the couch for two hours. Ahh. Not something we (or at least I) had planned to do, but apparently I needed the rest. Then I got to work on the items I'd taken home, and I worked diligently for a good five or so hours, stopping only for bathroom breaks.

Only problem with working at home: Whenever I came back from my bathroom breaks, I was met with this sight:

I know Hideaway sees herself as a co-worker who is only helping me out. She doesn't seem to understand that the computer, unlike my pillow, does not need to be kept warm when I'm gone.

Silly goose.

Now it's 9:00 and I'm getting my nighttime nausea (which is not that different from my morning nausea).

I think I'm starting to feel ready for this baby to come out.


Dang it! i wrote a comment and somehow deleted it ...ergh!

I know I wrote, "Poor you..." and glad you had rest & an understanding boss -- hmm, then I said yes, about the bumper stickers - that I almost picked up one and wished I Had!

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