Thirty-one Weeks

Nine weeks to go. That’s 63 days, folks. One of my co-workers is having her baby today (via C-section). I should be close behind in the joint effort to add new members to our department at work.

Hiking, anyone? If this pregnancy were a southbound hike, Scout and I would be almost, almost, almost (but not quite) to the Virginia state line.We’ve made it past Mt. Rogers and are on our merry way toward Damascus. This is exciting. After threading my way across the NC/TN border, I’ll be in Georgia, and next thing I know … I’ll have the lil bebby in my arms.

So here we are on the southbound map (click map for bigger picture):

Now, if Scout’s a boy, there’s a good chance that he will want to grow up to be just like his Daddy. (And who can blame him?) And if he does, he’ll most certainly be hiking the trail northbound. If this pregnancy were a northbound hike, Scout would be at Sherburne Pass, where the AT breaks off from Vermont’s Long Trail and heads toward Maine. Since Scout is his/her dad’s child, he/she would be enjoying a brewski at the Inn at Long Trail right about now.

(OK, you can get the idea of an unborn child drinking a beer out of your head now.) (Hee hee ... aren't misplaced modifiers funny?)

Here’s what Scout looks like these days:

A cutie, no?

Scout is now over 16 inches long and weighs about three and a half pounds. (Though I think he/she weighs more. I need an excuse for the three pounds I gained over Felix and Pilot’s wedding weekend.) Scout’s body is finally beginning to plump out, and this baby will gain about a half-pound a week from now until birth. It’s hard to believe; my stomach already feels stretched to the breaking point. (But no stretch marks so far! Yay!)

Also, Scout is moving quite a bit. He/she is usually pretty calm and still during the day; it’s later that our little night owl comes out to play.

All systems are a go, except for Scout’s little lungs. Yep, all the organs are working, and we’re just waiting for those lungs to mature.

As for me … I’m feeling good. The third trimester has been my best trimester so far. I’ve exercised more, laughed more, enjoyed life more than I ever did in the first and second trimesters. This is weird, because the second trimester is supposed to be the best. Oh well. You know me, always the nonconformist.

My belly is getting bigger and bigger (I promise, I’ll post a belly pic for this week.) I used to think pregnancy had given me giant boobs, but the girls are now dwarfed by the belly. I’m still “small” by 7-month pregnancy standards, but I’m big for me. And I’m having the usual pregnancy problems of trouble sleeping, trouble putting shoes on by myself, etc. Hubster thinks it’s cute (the fact that I can’t reach my feet once I have my jeans on).

Work has been busy, which is making the time fly. I’m looking forward to these next few weeks—my favorite time of year at work (development season), with a nice, long maternity leave at the end of it. Sixty-three days to go!


Jammie J. said…
You three (you, baby & hubster) are trekking right along, aren't you? So glad you've been feeling so good... :)

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