Little Scout Update

Well, little Scout and I had our two-week appointment with the OBGYN this morning. My weight has ballooned, relatively speaking--after three weeks of the scale hardly budging, it jumped five pounds. Looks like Scout had a bit of a growth spurt. That’s hardly a surprise to me; Hubster and I can both definitely tell that my belly has grown more than usual in the past week.

Still, Scout’s measuring just a tiny bit small for a 31.5-week-old fetus. (I hate that word “fetus.” It sounds like “Cletus,” and Scout is definitely not a Cletus.)

Heart rate was 130, which is just perfect for a little Scout. More good news: it looks like Scout is moving into “launch” position, with his/her head down and facing the correct way. Yay! Now, if only Scout will stay that way for the next eight and a half weeks …

Last night, Hubster and I laughed as we watched Scout’s little feet kicking at my belly. Amazing that the only thing that stands between me and little Scout is a bit of skin and muscle.

Speaking of kicking, Scout whooped it up to ragtime music this morning when I played the piano. He/she was pretty still throughout Bach and Chopin, but when I started to play Scout Joplin, there was some real dancing going on in my belly. At least I hope it was dancing and not complaining.

So, things are good. Scout looks healthy. I haven’t had any contractions, false or otherwise, yet, so I’m hoping things will keep going as they are and I’ll carry Scout to term. Feeling very thankful for the way things are going with this little one.


Jammie J. said…
It sounds like you are enjoying every moment of this adventure... when you wrote about you and your husband laughing as you watched your baby kick, that made me smile.

I don't like the word "fetus" either. It's too distant.

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