32 Weeks: New States, New Maps!

Good news! Both southbound Scout and northbound Scout are in new states—and new maps—today! We’re 32 weeks along, with just eight short weeks to go. Southbound Scout finally crossed the Virginia state line and crossed over into Tennessee, and is now at Vandeventer Shelter, some 30 miles south of the state line. Welcome to the last map section of your southbound hike, Scout! (Click map to enlarge.)

Our Northbound Scout practically flew through Vermont and is almost to the White Mountains now. Today we can find Scout at Etna-Hanover Center Road, just 6.4 miles past the VT/NH state line. Brr, it’s getting cold for Little Scout in both directions! Anyway, welcome to the last map of your northbound hike, Scout!

If pregnancy is 40 weeks and each “month” is 28 days (at least that’s the way the doctors measure it), then pregnancy is actually 10 months instead of nine. And I’m eight months along. Wow.

Our Scout is about 3.75 pounds now, and about 16 and a half inches long … and growing. Scout is gaining about a half-pound a week, and is expected to gain a third to half of his/her birth weight during the next seven weeks. Here’s what he/she might look like right now:

While Scout grows, he/she is blinking, looking around, breathing, peeing, listening, kicking mommy in the ribs ... and, I guess, waiting. Maybe feeling a little squenched in there, too.

I’m definitely in waiting mode. We were supposed to get the baby furniture a couple of weeks ago, but it was held up, thanks to the crib being discontinued. So we ordered the new model (which, to be honest, is nicer than the old model, and we’re getting it for the old-model price), and are hoping it’s here by early November. We’ll see. Otherwise, we might be using a dresser drawer for Scout’s first bed.

I’ve been visited by some late-term morning sickness, plus the usual fatigue. My daily workouts are getting harder and harder. I’m doing what I can. I'm really enjoying work these days, so that's helping a lot.

Eight more weeks! (Seven more weeks until I go on maternity leave!)


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